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The first episode of the series ZingZillas season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in by CBeebies. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Jeremiah Krage, Rachelle Beinart. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Digeridoo Hullaballoo

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Episode 2

Tang’s Happy Day

air day:

Episode three

Rock Guitar

air day:

The ZingZillas are very excited as a result of all their devices have been cleaned and polished. Being lead singer Zak does not have a newly polished instrument and so DJ Loose has despatched him a brand new broom as a substitute. Tang, Panzee and Drum cannot wait to play their devices and they also all head over to the glade to get some concepts for the Big Zing.

In the glade DJ Loose introduces them to The BMQ – a really loud rock band. The ZingZillas love the sound and Zak significantly likes the way in which they play their rock guitars, in order that they resolve to do a rock music Big Zing and head again to the Clubhouse to rehearse. Zak is not glad although – he actually desires to play rock guitar too and declares that he does not wish to be within the Big Zing until he can play guitar. The others attempt to assist him however he’ll by no means be capable to be taught in time for the Big Zing so heads over to DJ Loose for some recommendation.

DJ means that Zak rocks alongside to the rocking music as a substitute. Although rocking to the music is nice enjoyable Zak nonetheless desires to play rock guitar. He heads down to seek out Todd to see if he has any solutions. Zak finds Todd over close to the glade. He is listening to the rock music and enjoying rock ‘broom’ guitar. Todd explains that even if you cannot play guitar it is enjoyable to fake you may – all you want is a brush! Zak has a go together with his broom and actually enjoys it. Todd has saved the day and each he and Zak play rock ‘broom’ guitar within the Big Zing.

Featuring The BMQ.

Episode four

Auntie Dot’s Dash

air day:

Episode 5


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Episode 6

Operatic Todd

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Episode 7

Sticker Trouble

air day:

Episode eight

Bhangra Beats

air day:

Zak decides that the ZingZillas ought to begin the day with some train. Drum desires to remain and assist Todd together with his new garments dryer so simply Panzee, Tang and Zak jog off into the jungle. While doing their workout routines Zak makes up a tune and a few phrases for them to train to. It’s the proper jogging and shifting, dancing and grooving track for the Big Zing in order that they resolve to move again to the Clubhouse to practise it with Drum.

Zak is aware of a brief minimize in order that they jog off. Unfortunately Zak’s shortcut takes them in fully the improper path they usually find yourself on the far aspect of the island. All the time coconuts are falling within the coconut clock and the ZingZillas haven’t got their track prepared for the Big Zing.

In the meantime Drum has loved watching a Bhangra group performing within the glade. The group consists of some musicians plus lots of dancers. One of the musicians is enjoying the dhol drum and the beat of the drum tells the dancers to do a special step. Drum loves the dancing and is quickly becoming a member of in.

DJ is getting very frightened in regards to the different ZingZillas, particularly when he finds out they’re on the far aspect of the island. He tells them the quickest means again besides he is unsure they’re going to make it in time for the Big Zing. He thinks Drum ought to put together to do the Big Zing by herself so she suggests doing a Bhangra Big Zing. She makes use of considered one of Todd’s clear sheets as a dressing up and, with the assistance of the Beach Byrds, begins to practise.

They mix Drum’s Bhangra dancing with Zak’s bouncing train track to create a powerful Bhangra Big Zing. Todd even has sufficient sheets for them to have a dressing up every.

Episode 9

Squeaky Boots

air day:

Episode 10

Sweet Dreams

air day:

Episode 11

A Great Place To Live

air day:

Zak discovers Todd caught behind a load of containers in his cave. It transpires that Todd has run out of room so Zak suggests he strikes into the Clubhouse with the ZingZillas. The others suppose it is a nice thought till Todd begins to affix in with their Big Zing rehearsal. They have to rehearse with out being disturbed so the ZingZillas resolve to maneuver to the Coconut Hut.

When the Beach Byrds hear the ZingZillas rehearsing loudly they resolve to maneuver out of the Coconut Hut. Soon the entire island is on the transfer. Without the Beach Byrds, although, the ZingZillas suppose the Coconut Hut is simply too quiet in order that they transfer to the glade the place they watch James Knight enjoying saxophone. Todd feels slightly lonely on his personal within the Clubhouse so he decides to go to the Coconut Hut. The ZingZillas really feel sorry that they left Todd on his personal in order that they transfer again to the Clubhouse and the Beach Byrds suppose Todd’s cave is simply too small and too darkish in order that they resolve to maneuver again to the Coconut Hut – everyone seems to be on the transfer once more.

Even the Moaning Stones suppose it could be good to maneuver away from their seashore however it’s good and quiet they usually must be close to the coconut clock to allow them to depend coconuts. They change their thoughts when everybody else decides to move for his or her seashore and discover the proper spot out in Todd’s backyard.

Meanwhile the ZingZillas, the Beach Byrds and Todd have arrived on the seashore and rapidly realise that with out the Moaning Stones the final coconut will not be counted and if the final coconut is not counted there might be no Big Zing. Todd grabs maintain of the coconut clock and manages to cease the coconut from falling till the ZingZillas get the Moaning Stones again to the Beach.

Episode 12

Bubble Trouble

air day:

It is extraordinarily scorching on ZingZilla Island. In truth, Zak is hotter than scorching with additional scorching on prime. It is simply too scorching to even consider a Big Zing so he takes an enormous swig of his lemonade as a substitute. He ought to actually be ingesting water as a substitute on such a scorching day however he likes the way in which the bubbles tickle the again of his nostril. DJ Loose calls up and suggests the ZingZillas go to the glade to satisfy his piano enjoying visitor – it’d give them some concepts for the Big Zing.

The ZingZillas all meet up on the glade and watch a efficiency by boogie woogie participant, Elio Pace. Boogie woogie is a mode of music you may play on the piano and is music for dancing. The ZingZillas resolve that the Big Zing must be a boogie woogie track however each time Zak opens his mouth he hiccups and produces a steam of bubbles. They enlist the assistance of Todd who is bound to have a remedy for hiccups.

He tries to shock Zak, however that does not work and when he makes a scary face that simply makes Zak chortle and produce much more bubbles. With no Zak there will be no Big Zing so Tang suggests he performs the keyboards as a substitute, however Zak cannot play the keyboards and does not have time to learn to play – he might need to overlook the Big Zing!

The Zingzillas return to the glade to observe the boogie woogie, the place Elio tries to assist Zak play a easy tune on the keyboard which is excellent for the Big Zing.

Episode 13

Tang’s Clubhouse

air day:

Episode 14

Welcome Beach Byrds

air day:

It’s mattress time and Tang tells the story of when the Beach Byrds first arrived on ZingZilla Island. Todd was purported to be exhibiting the Beach Byrds across the island however they’d already headed off earlier than he arrived on the Coconut Hut. Todd could not discover them anyplace however the Beach Byrds managed to seek out the Moaning Stones and their technique to the glade, the place they watched a Gamelan efficiency.

They even managed to seek out their technique to the Clubhouse the place they joined in with the ZingZillas’ rehearsal. They have been having a beautiful vacation and could not wait to see the entire island. The Beach Byrds have been such pretty singers the ZingZillas determined to ask them to affix in with the Big Zing, however they did not know the place they’d gone and the Beach Byrds had left their map of the island behind.

The ZingZillas needed to discover Todd so he may assist them discover the Beach Byrds. It was a catastrophe – the Beach Byrds have been questioning around the island with out a map, Todd was chasing around the jungle on the lookout for the Beach Byrds and the ZingZillas have been chasing after Todd. Eventually the ZingZillas discovered Todd and collectively they discovered a path of Beach Byrd feathers main all the way in which again to the Coconut Hut.

Here the Beach Byrds had settled in and determined they have been going to remain and dwell on the island. DJ Loose was thrilled as a result of he now had some assist conserving the Coconut Hut tidy and the ZingZillas have been thrilled as a result of the Beach Byrds may take part with each Big Zing.

Episode 15

Zak’s Rubbish Day

air day:

It’s Tidy Island Day and Tang asks Zak to jot down the phrases for a tidy track. Zak is absolutely struggling and every time he writes a phrase on a bit of paper he simply scrunches it up and throws it over his shoulder.

Tang could be very unimpressed by the mess within the Clubhouse and, when he follows Tang all the way down to Todd’s backyard, Zak discovers that Tang is the choose and whoever can hold the island the tidiest for the entire day wins a Squeaky Clean badge. Both Zak and Todd wish to win the badge and Zak rushes off to have a very good tidy up. Having picked all of the garbage up Zak throws it over the balcony the place it lands throughout Todd’s backyard.

Tang is now very unimpressed with the tidiness of Todd’s backyard. Zak thinks a brand new sound for the Big Zing will assist him provide you with some phrases so DJ takes them to take heed to Julian Bliss enjoying clarinet within the glade. Meanwhile Todd has realized that the garbage in his backyard belongs to Zak and returns it to the Clubhouse.

Unfortunately Drum unintentionally throws her banana within the bin and in looking for it spills all of the litter again over the Clubhouse flooring. When Zak and Tang arrive again Judge Tang could be very unimpressed. Zak and Drum rapidly tidy all of the garbage up and Drum throws it again over the balcony and again into Todd’s backyard – simply in time for Todd and Tang to reach again. Tang is once more very unimpressed with Todd’s untidy backyard.

The Clubhouse is tidy however Zak nonetheless hasn’t provide you with any phrases for the Big Zing. As he explains that he wrote one phrase on every bit of paper he realizes that he might have simply came across the reply. He rushes again all the way down to Todd’s backyard to search for his phrases, in time for the Big Zing.

Episode 16

Disappearing Drum

air day:

Drum is listening to a pair of Japanese Taiko drummers known as Hiten Ryu Daiko enjoying within the Glade. Drum loves it! She then decides to go and fetch her stuffed toy pineapple, Yapple. In the Clubhouse Zak is making an attempt to jot down a track known as ‘The Big Noise Song’. Drum enters, picks Yapple up and goes.

Drum will get again to the Glade after which decides she desires her cushion too. Back within the Clubhouse the ZingZillas are about to start out rehearsing the Big Noise track. However, Drum is lacking so Panzee volunteers to search for her. Panzee searches the Coconut Hut and the Moaning Stones Beach earlier than recognizing Drum crossing the jungle. Drum makes her means into the Clubhouse the place she grabs her cushion and slips previous Panzee on her means out.

The band resolve to follow the ‘Making A Big Noise’ track with out Drum nevertheless it does not sound correct. Panzee decides to cover and comply with Drum to wherever she goes. Drum comes again to the Clubhouse seeking drumsticks. Panzee follows her to the Glade and discovers the Taiko drummers for herself. Panzee tries to influence Drum to return again and follow the Big Zing track however Drum refuses. She desires to take heed to the Taiko drums.

Panzee then has an thought – why do not the Taiko drummers play within the ‘Making A Big Noise’ Big Zing? Then Drum may take heed to them and play music. Drum thinks it is a fantastic thought. In the Big Zing all of them play the ‘Making A Big Noise’ track and Hiten Ryu Daiko make a very large noise on their Taiko Drums.

Featuring Hiten Ryu Daiko.

Episode 17

Keep Your Castanets

air day:

Drum has misplaced Yapple once more, however she lastly finds her wrapped across the banana telephone when it rings. Tang solutions the telephone – its DJ asking them to satisfy him within the Glade.

The ZingZillas all get pleasure from watching a Flamenco efficiency with Spanish guitar and Flamenco dancer. Drum is especially enamoured with the clickety clackety castanet enjoying and the Flamenco dancer, Verena, throws some castanets as much as her. The ZingZillas resolve to do a Flamenco Big Zing with Tang enjoying Flamenco guitar, Drum enjoying castanets and Panzee dancing the Flamenco.

They head to the Clubhouse to rehearse. The track sounds nice they usually cannot wait to inform DJ all about it in order that they head off to seek out him. Before they go Drum finds a secure place to depart her new castanets. She places them on the window sill and asks Yapple to take care of them, however they fall from the sill and land on Todd’s head.

When the ZingZillas return to the Clubhouse Drum cannot perceive the place the castanets have gone and the others cannot imagine she’s misplaced them. Drum realises they might have fallen into Todd’s backyard and when she goes to ask Todd, they fall off his head as he bends to take heed to her. Drum has her castanets again and so the ZingZillas rehearse once more.

This time although Panzee twirls Drum round and as she does so the castanets unintentionally fly off out of the Clubhouse and land in Todd’s submit field. The ZingZillas cannot imagine Drum has misplaced the castanets once more. Without the castanets there will be no Big Zing, so Todd units out to seek out them another time.

Episode 18

The Fan Letter

air day:

The ZingZillas rush to the Glade to listen to Jay Phelps play a trumpet fanfare. They resolve to jot down a trumpety Big Zing that can announce they’re the very best band on the earth!

Zak reads a fan letter saying that he’s the very best singer in the entire world. Zak is thrilled and hangs the fan letter up for all to see. The ZingZillas then play the brand new track. The lyrics to the refrain are about how the ZingZillas are the very best band within the land.

At the top of the follow, Zak makes some adjustments to the lyrics. This time the refrain is all about how Zak is the very best singer within the land. Before the others can object, Zak finds a pair of sun shades to go well with his new cool picture and heads off. Panzee just isn’t positive she likes the ‘new Zak’.

In Todd’s backyard Zak bumps into the submit field as he cannot see correctly via his new shades. He decides that to assist folks know he’s essential he’s going to have a fanfare performed each time anyone new sees him. Todd is frightened.

On the seashore Granite and Gravel pay attention whereas Zak enters to a fanfare and declares that he has modified the identify of the band to ‘Zak and the ZingZillas’. The Moaning Stones are frightened. DJ Loose is frightened too. Back in Todd’s backyard Zak tells the others he desires to be the one one singing at present’s Big Zing.

Fed up with Zak’s behaviour, Tang, Drum and Panzee depart to arrange a brand new band! Zak realises his mistake and decides to jot down them a fan letter to influence them to get collectively once more.

Episode 19

Hide And Seek

air day:

As quickly as they get up Zak desires to play disguise and search. The others remind him that they should get at present’s Big Zing prepared. DJ Loose calls them on the banana telephone they usually head straight to the glade the place they watch and take heed to Dame Evelyn Glennie enjoying Tubular bells.

The sound of the bells conjures up them to sing a track about all of the bells they hear day-after-day. The track involves them in a short time and they also resolve to spend the remainder of the day enjoying disguise and search. Panzee is the seeker and, simply in case it takes her a very long time to seek out the others, Tang suggests she performs some notes on Drum’s tubular bells to name them again if it is time to play the Big Zing.

Panzee counts and the others rush off to cover. Panzee does not actually like enjoying disguise and search and really rapidly decides to make use of the bells to name them again. The others usually are not impressed and Panzee guarantees to play correctly and they also rush off and conceal once more. Panzee cannot discover any of the opposite ZingZillas and returns, pissed off, to the Club House the place she is joined by DJ Loose. DJ wants all of them to prepare for the Big Zing and so Panzee rings the bells to name the others again. Zak, Drum and Tang suppose she is making an attempt to trick them once more and keep hidden.

This is an enormous downside and so Panzee and DJ rush to the glade to see if Evelyn Glennie enjoying her bells actually loudly will get the others to return out of hiding and head to the glade.

Episode 20

Birthday Todd

air day:

It’s Todd’s birthday and he thinks no one has remembered, however Panzee is planning to present Todd a shock birthday celebration. The ZingZillas want a cake, streamers and a particular track. They compose the phrases to a birthday track.

Panzee tells everybody the plan: she is going to make the cake, Zak will make the streamers, Tang can discover the correct music for the track and Drum has to maintain Todd away from the Clubhouse till they’re prepared for the get together. When Todd walks in, Panzee persuades him there’s a downside over on the Coconut Hut and he heads off. Drum follows.

However Todd quickly finds out there isn’t any downside on the Hut and strikes on. Tang finds DJ Loose and DJ suggests visiting the Glade for inspiration. In the Glade Tang and DJ watch The Silk Street Hot 7, a conventional Jazz band, carry out. It is the proper music for Tang.

He returns to the Clubhouse the place Panzee has virtually made the cake and the streamers are virtually up. Then they hear Todd exterior. The ZingZillas tear all the pieces down, in order that Todd does not see them and within the chaos the cake combination falls from the balcony and lands on Todd’s head.

While Todd goes into his cave to scrub up the ZingZillas rehearse their track with Tang’s music. Todd heads off to see if there are any jobs to do on the Moaning Stones Beach, however he spots the Stones in get together hats and he begins to guess what’s going on.

In the Coconut Hut Drum admits there might be a celebration for Todd and he rushes again to the Clubhouse, the place Panzee, Tang and Zak hear him.They tear down the decorations once more, earlier than he sees them, however this time, the completed cake finally ends up on Todd’s head! Featuring The Silk Street Hot 7.

Episode 21

Gravel and Granite’s Quiet Night In

air day:

It is night-time within the ZingZillas Clubhouse. Tang decides to inform Drum the story of Gravel and Granite’s Quiet Night In. It was a day when there was no Big Zing. This was an issue for Gravel and Granite, as that meant no coconut clock and so no coconuts to depend. So Gravel and Granite had nothing to do.

Gravel suggests they’ve a quiet night time in. Just then Todd joins them and suggests Gravel and Granite watch their favorite exhibits, eat snacks and invite a few of their buddies over. Gravel and Granite suppose it is a marvellous thought. However, they haven’t any TV.

Todd goes to DJ Loose and borrows one. They watch a Big Zing, ‘Our Island Home’ carried out with Gamelan Orchestra, Lila Cita, and Silat dancer, Cecily Fay. Gravel and Granite then persuade Todd to lend them his couch and watch one other Big Zing – Julian Lloyd Webber enjoying the cello with the ZingZillas.

Gravel and Granite then ship Todd to get popcorn, so goes off, and comes again totally exhausted. Then all of them watch Hiten Ryu Daiko, the Japanese Taiko drummers; play ‘Making A Big Noise’.

Afterwards DJ and the Beach Byrds arrive to get together! But Todd has fallen asleep on the couch, in order that they watch a quiet Big Zing on the tv: ‘Drift Away’ which options Catrin Finch, the harpist. The light music sends everyone to sleep. Gravel and Granite are the final to go to sleep, glad that their quiet night time in has been so successful.

Tang explains to Drum that when then Stones shut their eyes the entire Island goes to sleep. He seems to be down and sees that Drum has fallen asleep, as have Zak and Panzee. So Tang goes to the balcony and says a final goodnight to Todd earlier than heading off to mattress.

Episode 22

The Z Factor

air day:

Zak has determined to play harmonica in at present’s Big Zing however he cannot play harmonica and sing on the identical time. Both Panzee and Tang wish to be the lead singer and so to assist him resolve who it must be DJ Loose suggests they maintain an audition.

Zak thinks a contest to seek out the very best singer is a superb thought. Drum, Zak and DJ are the judges whereas Todd hosts the auditions. Panzee sings brilliantly however her audition is interrupted by Tang making a loud honking sound together with his hooter. When it is Tang’s flip to audition Panzee will get her personal again by blowing actually onerous on a tuba midway via Tang’s track. Zak thinks they have been each nice and nonetheless cannot resolve.

DJ suggests he has some quiet time to assist suppose it over. Zak’s time is all however quiet although with the Beach Byrds demanding to be picked, the Moaning Stones singing their audition track and Todd squawking his audition piece. As Zak tries to seek out someplace quiet to cover he bumps into Tang who begs Zak to select him. Zak unintentionally says sure to Tang after which does the identical factor to Panzee when she begs him.

As they attempt to rehearse the Big Zing they realise Zak has made guarantees to them each. Panzee and Tang usually are not glad and each declare that until they will sing the Big Zing there might be no Big Zing…

Episode 23

Panzee’s Photograph

air day:

Episode 24

Tang’s Hooter

air day:

Tang has been engaged on a quiet and mild track for the Big Zing and may’t wait to play it to Zak. Zak although offers Tang a loud and parping hooter as a gift and actually desires him to play it within the Big Zing. Tang does not suppose the hooter will sound correct together with his quiet and mild piece however does not have the center to inform Zak and so he decides to cover the hooter as a substitute.

Over within the glade all of the ZingZillas and DJ Loose like listening to Sir James Galway enjoying the flute. He performs a mild piece of music adopted by a extra upbeat, funky and jazzy piece. Tang thinks the light type of flute enjoying would go superbly together with his light Big Zing track. However Zak thinks they do not want the flute as a result of they’ve the hooter. He cannot imagine his ears when Tang admits to ‘shedding’ the hooter.

Zak thinks they will need to have it for the Big Zing so all of them head off looking for it. Todd finds the hooter and returns it to Tang. Tang reluctantly takes it and decides to attempt to disguise it someplace within the Coconut Hut as a substitute. DJ catches him within the act and advices that he ought to inform Zak the reality.

Before Tang will get an opportunity to although, Todd finds the hooter once more and Zak rushes off with it again to the Clubhouse for the rehearsal. Tang could be very sad with how the track sounds with the hooter and at last tells Zak the reality. Zak is absolutely upset about Tang hiding the hooter and declares that if there isn’t any hooter within the Big Zing then there might be no Zak. Tang seeks the recommendation of DJ Loose once more who means that he modifies the track to go together with the hooter sound – loud and quick as a substitute of quiet and mild.

Episode 25

Where’s Yapple

air day:

Whilst doing a little repairs within the Club House Todd unintentionally knocks Drum’s cuddly toy, Yapple, into his software field and carries her off. Drum is distraught when she will be able to’t discover Yapple and refuses to practise for the Big Zing. No matter what number of foolish issues Zak does, Drum nonetheless does not cheer up.

Tang rushes to DJ Loose for assist. DJ takes Tang to the glade the place they see an orchestra. The orchestra performs the identical little bit of music in a sluggish unhappy means after which in a bouncy glad means. Tang realises the way in which the music is performed makes him really feel completely different and so rushes again to the Club House to play their Big Zing track another way with a view to cheer Drum up. It works till Zak mentions Yapple, sending Drum into a really dangerous temper.

Once once more Tang heads to DJ Loose for some recommendation. The Beach Byrds have been additionally in a nasty temper due to Todd’s hammering and DJ has calmed them down by getting the orchestra to play some calm music. Tang rushes again to the Club House to play their music in a peaceful means. It works, once more till Zak mentions Yapple once more! Luckily Todd finds Yapple in his software field and returns her to Drum. Drum is glad once more simply in time for the Big Zing.

Episode 26

Tuba Swaps

air day:

Tang is intrigued by a twisty object which is roofed in creepers and goes to indicate the others. Panzee thinks it seems to be like a twisty vase and would look pretty with flowers in it. When she asks if she will be able to have it Tang is not so positive however when Panzee affords to swap a banana for it Tang says sure.

Panzee is thrilled and heads straight off to search for some flowers over on the Coconut Hut. The Beach Byrds are additionally relatively taken by the twisty vase – solely they suppose it could make a superb fruit bowl. They provide to swap some feathers for it and Panzee agrees. With feathers in hand Panzee joins the others and DJ Loose over on the Glade. They watch an exquisite efficiency by oompah band, the Bavarian Stompers.

The ZingZillas resolve to do an oompah Big Zing. When DJ explains that this type of music is named oompah due to the sound the tuba makes Tang out of the blue realises that the twisty factor Todd gave him is the truth is a tuba – not a vase or a fruit bowl.

Tang actually desires to play the tuba within the Big Zing, so he affords to swap the banana for the tuba however the Beach Byrds aren’t . Tang decides to search for one thing else that can make an oompah sound as a substitute – Todd affords him using some bellows.

In the Clubhouse Panzee has been busy making oompah hats with the feathers the Beach Byrds gave her. Tang explains that he will attempt to use the bellows to make the oompah sound he desires for the Big Zing however once they rehearse the bellows simply do not sound correct. They really want the tuba again to make the Big Zing work, however the Beach Byrds will not swap. Panzee thinks they might swap the tuba for the hats she’s made although…

Featuring the Bavarian Stompers.

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