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The first episode of the Drama, series The West Wing season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 was released in 2005-09-24 by NBC. The TV show was created by and directed by Aaron Sorkin. Actors in the cast include Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, John Spencer, Bradley Whitford, Dulé Hill, Joshua Malina, Mary McCormack, Alan Alda, Jimmy Smits, Kristin Chenoweth, Stockard Channing, Janel Moloney, Emily Procter. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

After not quite eight decades, President Bartlet’s period from the White House has arrived at a end, along with 2 powerful guys vie to its Presidency: Arnold Vinick, that a Republican senator in California, and also Matthew Santos, that a three-term Houston Democratic congressman. After affected a coronary arrest, prior Advisor into the President Leo McGarry resolutely functions as Santos’ senior presidential running partner, ably assisted by Annabeth Schott. Former Deputy Chief of all Staff Josh Lyman maintains his exceptionally considered political head in over drive as Santos’ effort director.

Episode Guide

Episode inch

The Ticket

atmosphere evening: 2005-09-25

As everybody but Josh induces Santos to issue his own range of Leo because his running partner, Bartlet’s analysis to the treacherous press flow persists. Also C.J. will get interviewed by Babish and Donna tactics Josh to get work.

Episode two

The Mommy Problem

air evening: 2005-10-02

Santos and also Vinick need to address media fall out the moment it appears that this Bartlet White House is likely to last their search in to the media flows.

Episode 3

Message of this Week

air day: 2005-10-09

It’s about three weeks in to the presidential effort and Vinick matches with Frost outside to the road. Santos brings a stunt that results in raised endorsement scores and jolts that the Vinick C AMP. Vinick and Santos make an effort and kick eachother politically even though they concentration in the messages during this week. Frost

air: 2005-10-16

Margaret is astronomically in a hearing held from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence; Santos deflects spiritual inquiries on Vinick; Someone presents C.J. wisdom advice; some Palestinian pioneer is assassinated and Bartlet desires to wait this funeral even though safety worries. Also, we know Margaret’s title.

Episode 5)

Here Today

atmosphere day: 2005-10-23

The White House is hoping to manage the disclosure of their identity of the leaker and also Babish’s coughing of Toby persuading him that he has to undergo his law firm. Lou persuades Josh for Santos to completely clean house or apartment with his effort team. Kate eventually reaches Charles Frost and faces him regarding exactly what he instructed into C.J. and also some different matters relating to his persona generally speaking. The Bartlets listen to Ellie’s heapful of all “good” and “bad” information.

Episode 6)

The Al Smith Dinner

air evening: 2005-10-30

Donna goes and now she is running for your own Santos/McGarry effort, however only maybe not to Josh. An assault advertising on Santos with way of a prolife group places Vinick at a large part when Santos needs Vinick renounce it but Vinick is aware of that when he can it can violate the G.O.P. Le

Episode 7

The Debate

atmosphere daily: 2005-11-06

Santos and also Vinick combat it out at prime time reside. Forrest Saywer that the moderator introduces attempts and questions to be certain that the applicants remain inside boundaries. Ellen DeGeneres visitor broadcasts the series behalf of American Express along with also their charge card.) This could be your live feed to your own East Coast, as compared to West Coast feed that was useful for its syndication and dvd releases.

Episode 8)


air day: 2005-11-13

Lou and Santos encounter trouble to the trail if they make an effort to get a family group’s emptiness; the youngster was taken with way of a Latino authorities officer. Also, CJ has to be able a catastrophe in between China and also Kazakhstan.

Episode 9

The Wedding

air evening: 2005-12-11

Santos is focusing on effort plan, Ellie’s becoming married, Abbey is composed visitors, Bartlet’s earning jokes, China and Kazahkstan are going to move to warfare, Carol creates a look, also Josh can get terminated. Meawhile, Santos is attempting never to grab his own kids chilly and he also visits his new dwelling in Texas and has been effort. Jorge Santos, that the Congressman’s brother) may lead to any issues at some collecting. C.J. attempts to earn a cope using all the French to attempt to successfully deal with a challenge at the Sudan. Gail is in issue. Josh inquires Will to get just a bit of assistance with this effort. C.J. and Danny venture out to supper and also talk just like good old fashioned pals and C.J. likens guys to tuna whilst working with a waitress who isn’t really that observed of the.

Episode 12

Duck and Cover

air evening: 2006-01-22

Bartlet has to manage the possibility of an atomic burst in California, Kate is maintaining a careful eye on the election in Kazakhstan and also China’s answer, Will is behaving as the administration’s voice nowadays, also Josh is hoping to continue to keep his political variation of Tourette’s in assess.

Episode 13

The Cold

air evening: 2006-03-12

After that the near-nuclear tragedy in the powerplant that the surveys reveal sudden, or perhaps not really sudden, consequences in each candidates.) The Vinick C AMP supplies around for back lash whilst the Santos C AMP expects to get origin to observe. Meanwhile Bartlet remains hoping to help keep exactly the position in Central Asia undercontrol.) Relationships at the Santos effort, ” the Vinick effort(as well as also the West Wing all experience alterations and Vinick and Bartlet effort to bargain with diverse variants of their chilly. Vinick matches a famed athlete that awakens him with a welcome which participates potential effort issue. Santos will not possess such problem with all this athlete. Both applicants have been campaigning in California using all the hopes of stealing the election against the different guy from the hopes of consequently winning the election. Santos’ briefcase falls in the control of this Vinick effort. Helen provides a lecture to MANA (a National Latina Organization, previously Mexican American National Association) however her legacy does not aid her if seeking to send a portion of these Santos effort material. Toby will be driven from the Attorney General, Blake, to disclose his own origin plus it is impacting his association with his or her kids. He attempts somewhat emotional warfare of the or her own to obtain Blake to back off. Toby is additionally devoting Josh marketing campaign information including programs to improve courtship of those Latino vote. Elsewhere to the campaign trail, it really is Halloween and Toby’s children and Santos’ children are putting on a costume to your situation.

Episode 16

Election Day Part that I

air afternoon: 2006-04-02

Election Day eventually occurs(and involving assessing exit surveys, and also mulling more news reports, and some Santos workers detect the joys of effort love. Meanwhile, C.J. ponders existence following the White House; also Annabeth creates a dreadful discovery.) Members of both the Santos marketing campaign and also the Vinick marketing campaign has to decide just how exactly to deal with a catastrophe, since the Republicans across the united states remain to throw their votes to get its following President of their United States. Also, Josh warns Santos about becoming involved at the vote to get Speaker of those House.

Episode 19


air: 2006-04-23

Former forged manhood Rob Lowe yields like a mature political officer at that episode, that locates Bartlet along with also his team earning the changeover as straightforward as potential to its presidentelect, that finds some harsh facts regarding his brand new endeavor. Meanwhile, a stressed-out Josh realizes that he may possibly have to consider off some time once he reaches his breaking point. Meanwhile, Vinick ponders his second movement. While Santos along with also his successful camp have been nervously gearing up to the presidential inauguration, existing President Bartlet (Martin Sheen), CJ (Allison Janney) as well as the others unnaturally return since they ready to go away the White House for ever.

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