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The first episode of the Comedy, series The Chaser's War on Everything season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2007-03-28 by ABC1. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Chris Taylor, Andrew Hansen, Charles Firth. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Episode 27

air day: 2007-03-28

– Intro Joke; Token Cute Animal – Knut.

– Change of names; Craig – Wil Anderson, Chris – Corinne Grant

– Stunt; Craig Reucassel confronting Peter Debnam in speedos and a baseball cap.

– The Fixers; The Chaser (fastened) and David Hicks (not fastened).

– Scenes From The Life Of The Crazy Warehouse Guy; Church.

– What Have We Learnt From Current Affairs This Week?; Jodi Power and Mercedes Corby, Body Language Experts and Safe with a child.

– Ad/Trailer; Too many Americans on Channel Ten.

– Ad Road Test; Wendy’s, A flavour for each frame of mind.

– Andrew Hansen’s Closing Comment; “(Craig: or catch the repeat of the show after lateline) that’s the show hosted by ALP candidates”

Episode 2

Episode 28

air day: 2007-04-04

– Intro Joke; Swimmer who ought to’ve taken medicine: Grant Hackett.

– Stunt; Malcolm Turnball’s home for Sydney’s midnight.

– Stunt; West Coke Eagles.

– Clive The Slightly-Too-Loud Commuter; Calling physician about his bent penis on a practice.

– Citizens’ Infringement Officer; Bad tattoos.

– Ad/Trailer; The Biggest Muslim

– Firth In The USA; Punishment t-shirts.

– If Life Were A Musical; Loose and tights pants.

– The Fixers; Hanson and Oldfield (not fastened), British hostages in Iran (fastened), Brain Burke (fastened) and recycled water (Stunt; public style check of water) (not fastened).

– Pursuit Trivia; Tony Windsor, What is the official languague of Easter Island? (Incorrect)(Spanish).

– The News According To Fox; Fair and Balanced, Chuck Norris, litter display screen with ineffective data and Anna Nicole-Smith.

– Stunt; Blind taxi driver.

– Andrew Hansen’s Closing Comment; “Please note too that from next week we will be moving to Channel Seven like every other ABC comedy”

– Credits, Pursuit Trivia Continued; “Which lovable beverly hillbilly died aged 95 in 2003?” (Incorrect)(Buddy Ebsen).

Episode three

Episode 29

air day: 2007-04-11

* Intro Joke; Bridalwear By Ray’s Tent City.

* What Have We Learned From History; Adam and Eve accepted fruit from a serpent.

* Ad/Trailer; 2007 Global Warming Games.

* Firth In The USA; Hillary Clinton Intern.

* Stunt; Sprinkling of Mother Ashes.

* Ad/Trailer; JTV Wolfmother.

* What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?;

* Who To Blame?

* Lesson 16: Humiliation.

* Clive The Slightly-Too-Loud Commuter; Drugs on a Train.

* The Fixers; Chas’ Smell (not fastened), Libby Lenton and Bra Boys (Not Fixed).

* Ad Road Test; The Flashbeer industrial for Carlton Draught.

* Credit joke; Chris Taylor’s mom shouldn’t be actually lifeless. Please don’t ship flowers.

Episode four

Episode 30

air day: 2007-04-18

* Before Show Joke; Pg Version.

* Intro Joke; When in Melbourne The Chaser Team keep at Broughton Hall.

* Stunt; Sunrise(TV) Dawn Service.

* Stunt; Pokies & Live Music.

* Ad/ Trailer; Make up your personal thoughts (McDonalds) (Part 1).

* Stunt; Grim Reaper, Job Applications.

* Surprise Spruiker; Imam Ali ben Abi Taleb Mosque at Lakemba making feedback on Sheikh Taj El-Din Hilaly

* What you missed on Cable; Maury Povich + Easter Specials.

* Ad/ Trailer; Make up your personal thoughts (Part 2).

* Song; Pauline Pauline Pauline.

* Citizens’ Infringement Officer; Fining folks dashing (above the restrict) in automotive parks.

* Ad/ Trailer; Copycat impact.

* Stunt; Buying a Bed.

* Andrew Hansen’s Closing Comment; “Or if you’re very quick why not check out some clips on YouTube, Before some 15 year-old kid deletes them all.”

* Ad/ Trailer; Make up your personal thoughts (McDonalds) (Part three).

Episode 5

Episode 31

air day: 2007-04-25

* Intro Joke; Token Anzac Day image.

* Change of names; Various Big Brother Australia 2007 housemates.

* Sketch; Chaser Channel Nine pilot, delivered to you by Toyota, together with:

o Surprise Spruiker; Coles (“totally brilliant supermarket”).

o Stunt (Election Wach); John Howard, (“I like Work Choices”).

o What We Have Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; “A Current Affair Leads in Exclusives… and General Excellence”.

* Stunt; Could Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) choose up a lady?.

* If Life Were A Musical; “I need a hammer”.

* Stunt; Dancing with Kerry-Anne.

* Stunt; Putting folks on maintain.

* Sketch; The Logie Orchestra in regular life.

* Firth within the USA; Famous world landmarks being informed they’re all in Australia.

* What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Segues, Lesson 17: Menaces to Society.

* Ad/Trailer; “Lets Ground JetStar”.

* The Fixers; Alan Jones, Graffiti, Immigration, Dolly Magazine.

* Ad/ Trailer; Make up your personal thoughts (McDonalds) (Part four).

* Andrew Hansen’s Closing Comment; “And remember as I always like to say about the show…” (orchestra performs).

Episode 6

Episode 32

air day: 2007-05-02

* Intro Joke; Apparent celeb: Michael Weatherly

* Change of names; Craig – Rove McManus, Chris – John Wood, Chas – Kate Ritchie, Julian – Bert Newton, Andrew – Natalie Blair.

* Stunt; Mark Latham’s Ghost.

* Mr. Ten Questions; Jimmy Wales.

* Stunt; Baby admission.

* Song; Gas Guzzlin’.

* Stunt; three Minute Angels.

* Scenes From The Life Of The Crazy Warehouse Clearance Guy; Tourist photographs.

* The News According To Fox;

* Ad/Trailer; Statue Parkinson illness.

* The Fixers; Snoop Dogg, obese youngsters, Newsagents.

* Ad Road Test; Fantastic Soho’s Delites.

Episode 7

Episode 33

air day: 2007-05-09

* Intro Joke; Special funds evaluation: Bindi Irwin

* Intro; 2007 Federal Budget.

* Change of names; Craig – Adam Hills, Chris – Dave Hughes, Julian – Hamish, Chas – Andy, Charles – Fifi Box.

* Stunt; The Logies.

o White powder on pink carpet.

o American TV stars right here for Australia.

o Stealing a logie award.

o Work Experience with Richard Wilkins.

* Ad/Trailer; Segway 1000.

* Citizens’ Infringement Officer; Pants too low / Underwear too excessive.

* If Life Were A Musical; “Welcome Back Mrs. Henderson”.

* Firth within the USA; Iraq Poll.

* What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Segues, ANZAC tributes, War veterans. Lesson 18: Useful Advice; Noisy Sex, Strawberries for whitening enamel, Home-Made Lip Gloss, Pauline Hanson’s taxi fare supply.

* Ad/Trailer; Starship Preposterous.

* The Fixers; Qantas takeover, Wages (directed at Priceline and API).

* Ad Road Test; The Lose Yourself in Melbourne tourism marketing campaign.

Episode eight

Episode 34

air day: 2007-05-16

* Before Show Joke; Disclaimer stating The War don’t mirror their content material as a lot as Bastard Boys however simply as biased.

* Intro Joke; Special Guest Fainter: Kellie Connolly

* Change of names; Craig – John Coombes, Chris – Chris Corrigan, Chas – Greg Combet, Julian – Peter Reith, Andrew – Bill Kelty.

* Intro; Australian Cricket Team banned from Zimbabwe.

* Stunt; Following John Howard with a boombox taking part in his recorded cellphone message.

* Ad/Trailer; The Shawskank Redemption starring Paris Hilton (parody of The Shawshank Redemption).

* Stunt; Finding Public Address programs in companies and making bulletins.

* Song; I Still Can’t Accept What a Knob I Am (parody of I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For).

* What Have We Learned From History; Germany invading Poland in World War II.

* Ad/Trailer; Inside the ACTU boardroom.

* The Fixers; Fairfax (geared toward David Kirk), Taj El-Din Hilaly (for his tape over his mouth remark)

* Nut Job of the Week; Road testing The Secret.

* Ad/Trailer; Crocodile Dundee in Bermuda (parody of the Crocodile Dundee sequence of movies geared toward Paul Hogan’s tax evasion).

* Stunt; UN peacekeeper’s defending Australia from violence.

Episode 9

Episode 35

air day: 2007-05-23

* Intro Joke; Next ALP candidates: B1 & B2.

* Change of Names; Craig – Paul Vautin, Chris – Peter Sterling, Chas – Ray Warren, Andrew – Paul ‘The Chief’ Harragon, Julian – Matthew Johns.

* Stunt; Political donations:

o New South Wales Labor Party – Ku Klux Klan Australia: ACCEPTED;

o New South Wales Liberal Party – Man-Boy Love Association: ACCEPTED;

o Federal Australian Labor Party – al-Qaeda Australia: REJECTED;

o Federal Australian Liberal Party – al-Qaeda Australia: ACCEPTED.

* Surprise Spruiker; Channel Nine headquarters.

* Ad/Trailer; Parody of Kevin Rudd’s present TV political marketing campaign.

* Ad/Trailer; Roget’s Thesaurus film trailer.

* Song; I Am Thesaurus (parody of I Am the Walrus).

* The Fixers; Fatwas (for Julian’s stunt with Shiekh al-Hilali the earlier week); accountable consuming.

* What You Missed On Cable; Maury second that includes 90 yr previous stripper, evaluating ABC TV sports activities with Foxtel sports activities.

* Ad Road Test; the Australian Seniors Finance advert the place seniors use bricks as a substitute of cash and money.

Episode 10

Episode 36

air day: 2007-05-30

* Intro Joke; The Chaser Team dressed by Amanda Vanstone.

* Change of names; Craig – Matthew, Chris – Mark, Julian – Luke, Chas – John, Andrew – Satan.

* Stunt; Waiters taking away unfinished drinks.

* Stunt; Chas’ canine Sonny incomes a health care provider diploma and getting into follow.

* Ad/Trailer; Myfbusters (parody of MythBusters).

* If Life Were A Musical; Press convention with The Veronicas.

* Ad/Trailer; Hausfrau Hitler (Parody of Mrs. Doubtfire).

* Stunt; ALP preselection for ABC TV personalities and stuff.

* Ad/Trailer; Australia’s Workplace Relations System.

* What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 19: Desperate Angles;

* Ad/Trailer; Big Brother, Big Arseholes. (Parody of the Big Brother ‘secret’ commercials)

* The Fixers; Government annihilation (urgent a big Ctrl-Z mannequin of the keyboard buttons)), Coked Up Lawyers (medicine within the legislation occupation).

* Scenes From The Life Of The Crazy Warehouse Guy; Surgery.

* Stunt; Spur of the second In-Store Appearances in random companies that includes Spiderbait.

Episode 11

Episode 37

air day: 2007-06-06

* Intro Joke; Political Prisoners of the week: Paris Hilton and Aung San Suu Kyi.

* Change of names; Craig – Mick Molloy, Chris – Nikki Osborne, Julian – Akmal Saleh, Chas – Gary Eck, Andrew – Jackie O.

* Intro; Paris Hilton goes to jail; John Howard “Who do you trust?”.

* Stunt; Testing the Peel Hotel and Polish membership’s gaydars with Tinky Winky.

* Mr. Ten Questions; Sophia Loren.

* Stunt; The Licciardello Plan for local weather change.

* Ad/Trailer; First Tuesday Porno Club (Parody of First Tuesday Book Club).

* Citizens Infringement Officer; Wacky comedy t-shirts.

* Ad/Trailer; “Thank Allah You’re Here” (Parody of Thank God You’re Here).

* Firth within the USA; What do Americans bear in mind about September 11, 2001.

* Song; “US Bases, hell why not?” (parody of US Forces by Midnight Oil highlighting (former lead singer) Peter Garrett’s modifications of coverage).

* Observation; Different kinds of footwear hanging on wires above homes have completely different meanings.

* Stunt; A big group of individuals gatecrashing a home that is is open for inspection and having a celebration.

* Clive the Slightly-Too-Loud Commuter; Discussing assortment of sperm for a sperm financial institution.

* The Fixers; Malcolm Turnbull, Broadsheet newspapers (which concerned studying a newspaper blanket on public transport).

* Ad/Trailer; Lop off a limb for leprosy day.

* Ad Road Test

o Discussed lack of ability to highway check the brand new Tooheys New advert because of not realizing the premise of it.

o Terrain testing footwear at Athlete’s Foot.

Episode 12

Episode 38

air day: 2007-06-13

* Intro Joke; Spoiler end result for tonights recreation: NSW 28 QLD 13

* Change of names; Craig – Michael Duffy, Chris – Gerard Henderson, Andrew – Janet Albrechtsen, Julian – Dalai Lama.

* Intro; John Howard praying for rain; Dalai Lama assembly the PM.

* If Life Were A Musical; Waiting for the physician.

* Ad/Trailer; new administrators for The Hobbit: Nick Giannopoulos – The Woggit, Woody Allen, Michael Moore.

* Stunt; Getting revenge on safety guards.

* What have We Learned from Current Affairs this week? Anna’s Segue of the Week – Dodgy Barcodes to Logies Fashions. Lesson 20: Chaser Stories together with the Peter Meakin Booze Bus stunt and report.

* The Fixers; Cloning, which resulted in a number of George Pell’s. Julian’s Mobile, travelling to Mumbai, India for assist.

* Mr. Ten Questions – Megan Gale.

* Porno Clichés – Stunt: Testing Clichés. Test 1: Handyman. Test 2: Pizza Boy. Test three: Pool Boy.

* End of present joke : No More Material

* Song: The Filler Song carried out by Andrew Hansen with the coda “Peter Meakin, what a pisshead!”

Episode 13

Episode 39

air day: 2007-06-20

* Intro Joke; Disclaimer: Some of the photographs within the opening credit might have been arrange.

* Change of names; Craig – Libby Gore, Chris – Lisa Oldfield, Julian – Zoe Sheridan, Chas – Mary Moody

* Intro; Today Tonight on The Chaser’s faux scenes, James Packer’s marriage ceremony.

* Stunt; Julian utilizing a cell billboard to promote “End Mobile Billboards Now!”.

* Clive the Slightly-Too-Loud Commuter; Talking to his physician about herpes

* Pursuit Trivia; New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark

o According to the Book of Revelation, what’s the Number of the Beast? Answer: Six Six Six (didn’t reply).

o How many states are there in Australia Helen’s Answer: Six (appropriate).

* Stunt; Chas participating in “Pedestrian rage” as a substitute of Road rage (which concerned Chas operating round with a automotive elements hooked up to his physique)

* Stunt; Book followers dressing up as their favorite objects or characters from their books.

o Donna Hay cookbook: Some of her recipes and items of meals.

o Stephen Hawking e book: Pretending to have Lou Gehrig’s Disease which included sitting in wheelchairs with heads again and to 1 aspect.

o The Secret e book: Dressing up as a crackpot skilled (in white straitjackets).

* If Life Were a Musical; Booking a vacation to India at Flight Centre.

* The Fixers; Packer media empire, treating Adrian McKenzie as the brand new James Packer. Paul Keating, Julian asking him if he wished to star in his new musical “Kevin Rudd the Musical”.

* Ad/Trailer; The new “Battered Sav Supreme” pizza obtainable at Vomino’s Pizza (Parody of Domino’s Pizza).

* Nut Job of the Week; Richard Cohen making an attempt to show homosexual folks straight which included Chas and Chris making an attempt it out on a homosexual man for actual.

* Ad/Trailer; The Crazy Warehouse Guy documentary.

* Ad Road Test

o The promo the place folks make lists on the bus for the Seven Network recreation present The Rich List.

o The Riva Instant Coffee commercial the place folks put on a dance routine utilizing trolleys in a grocery store.

Episode 14

Episode 40

air day: 2007-09-05

* Intro Joke; First human to catch horse flu: Matt Shirvington.

* Intro; APEC Summit in Sydney, incorrect White House press releases

o Stunt; New uniforms for APEC leaders

o Stunt; Replacing Australian animals within the zoo

o Stunt; Glorifying APEC safety measures (together with doing checks on a Melbourne tram and in Hungry Jacks bathrooms)

* Ad/Trailer; The Horse Flu Handicap horse race at Phlegmington (featured horse flu associated names for the horses racing)

* Clive the Slightly-Too-Loud Commuter; Talking to his physician about his spouse lactating apple cider

* Stunt; Sneaking weapons into jail

* Song; APEC protester (parody of “Subterreanean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan)

* Stunt; Andrew Hansen as a performer on Thank God You’re Here

* Ad/Trailer; “Dicko” (Parody of Sicko)

* What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week; Lesson 21: Things realized through the break which featured apologising to an actor who was known as a pedophile, Matell toys made with lead paint, on board Kitty Hawk, upcoming election tales, J.Ok. Rowling story rip-off

o Anna Coren’s Segue of the Week; Macquarie Bank to Harry Potter

* Ad/Trailer; The new Australian WorkChoices commercials

* The Fixers; Kevin Rudd (following him round with a stripper), completely different variations of the “Kevin 07” t-shirts

* Song; “Where’s My E?” (about drug use by gamers within the NRL primarily Andrew Johns and is a parody of “That’s My Team” NRL Theme Song]]

* Conclusion; Fake incorrect White House press releases

* Stunt; Julian driving round Sydney in a tank together with crushing a automotive

Episode 15

Episode 41

air day: 2007-09-12

Featuring the now notorious APEC stunt which made headlines all over the world and landed the Chaser crew in authorized hassle.

* Intro Joke; Special Guest: “Pavarotting”

* Intro; APEC, Dryzabone Jackets, George W. Bush’s speech errors

o Stunt; Using a faux Canadian Motorcade to move Chas dressed up as Osama Bin Laden into the APEC restricted zone

o Stunt; Running across the streets of Sydney carrying cardboard Canadian automobiles

o Intro (continued); Shots of The Chaser standing with world leaders on the steps of the Sydney Opera House

o Stunt; Are RSL’s tougher to get into than APEC? (Involves making an attempt to get into RSL’s with APEC ID’s)

o Stunt; Chas ringing up a talkback radio station posing as another person complaining about The Chaser

o Intro (continued); Kevin Rudd impressing the Chinese President Hu Jintao along with his information of Mandarin (with The Chasers putting faux subtitles on display screen)

o Stunt; Public APEC Firework viewing together with a firework which spelt out “Screw APEC”

* Ad/Trailer; Network Ten, Seriously Desperate (hits again at Ten’s present Californication)

* If Life had been a Musical; Andrew, Chris and Chas singing to a University pupil proclaiming their love for her

* Stunt; Moving home by transporting possessions by way of a bicycle courier after which a public bus

* Discussion; Using clown docs when coping with folks placing down their pets and other people on dying row

* Ad/Trailer; Emo laundry powder (parody of Omo)

* A Message from Osama Bin Laden; Peter Beattie’s departure, Chas dressing up as him

* The Fixers

o Horse Flu: Using a pantomime horse in a horse race

o China’s Evil President: Getting Chinese officers to pay for bullets beforehand

o Foxtel: Andrew Hansen dressed up as Adolf Hitler storming into Foxtel’s workplaces and compaining concerning the cancellation of one among his exhibits

o Pisshead Troops: Getting politicians to cranium lengthy plastic pipes full of beer

* Ad/Trailer; Australia Zoo (defending the Irwin household “species”)

* Song; “Stairway to Kevin” (parody of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin)

* End Joke; Giving credit score to the opposite 9 individuals who obtained arrested for involvement within the faux APEC motorcade

Episode 16

Episode 42

air day: 2007-09-19

* Intro Joke; Only 27 minutes to go till Summer Heights High

* Change of names; Craig – James Mathison, Chris – Andrew G, Julian – Kyle Sandilands, Chas – Ian “Dicko” Dickson, Andrew – Marcia Hines

* Intro; John Howard’s ballot outcomes

* Stunt; Redecorating Malcolm Turnbull’s workplace with John Howard posters

* Stunt; Being capable of obtain free items and providers on your marriage ceremony day (which included a free slab of beer, free meals, free film tickets and popcorn, a free jet boat journey, an unreserved desk in an upmarket restaurant with a free dessert and a free efficiency from Kamahl)

* Surprise Spruiker; The Royal Australian Navy Base selling free breast enlargement proccedures

* Firth within the USA; Should Muslims stay as second class residents within the United States?

* Sketch; Movie roles which Hugh Grant tried out for however did not get the half. Included motion pictures comparable to Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men and Reservoir Dogs

* Stunt; Adult Shrek merchandise geared toward youngsters (included merchandise comparable to cigarettes and ash trays, beer, heroin and vibrators)

* Ad/Trailer; The Comedy Channel’s “Fuck-a-thon” (Comedians whose routines are primarily based on saying “Fuck” repeatedly) in addition to the “Frankston Fest” (Comedians who make unhealthy style jokes about Frankston)

* Citizens’ Infringement Officer; Terrible hair kinds

* What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 22: The Supermenace (the highest three menaces to society, #three: Drugs, #2: Weather, #1: Asians)

* Ad/Trailer; The “JI Extreme” van with built-in terrorist assist options

* Ad Road Test; KFC Mashies (the place folks play finger soccer with the meals in a library adopted by taking part in with every kind of KFC meals in a KFC restaurant)

* End joke; Playing the credit of The New Inventors

Episode 17

Episode 43

air day: 2007-09-26

* Intro Joke; Now much more silent – Marcel Marceau

* Change of names; Craig – Milko, Chris – Kate Richie, Julian – Sally, Chas – Don’t Go Alf, Andrew – Quitter

* Intro; The Australian Liberal Party filth file, assuming John Howard is homosexual, Kevin Rudd and Alexander Downer speaking about tax thresholds together with Lateline’s “other camera”

* Stunt; Bring Rob Mills right down to Tasmania to see if the Tasmanian premier Paul Lennon minds

* Ad/Trailer; Classic Albums – Sounds of the Humpback Whale

* Open Mic; Upmarket procuring centre, Target, Woolworths, Westfield Group procuring centre

* Stunt; Seeing what number of occasions Chas can complain about his meal at a restaurant and have it taken again

* If Life Were a Musical; Chas singing about having all his hair on his physique shaved off and never simply his face in a Barber store

* Ad/Trailer; A Ingmar Bergman directed in-flight security video, adopted up by a evaluate of it by David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz from At the Movies

* The Lab; This weeks class: Cosmetics – that includes numerous gels and lotions (additionally that includes a scene with Julian dressing up as a major college pupil and going to high school because of the results of an anti-ageing cream product)

* Song; “Ass Sol” by Sol Trujillo (directed at his administration of Telstra and a parody of the Denis Leary music “Asshole”)

* The Fixers

o Mime: A mimed funeral of Marcel Marceau)

o Kevin Rudd Asking him if he can communicate Chinese and calling him a wise arse in Mandarin

o Jetstar: Offering passengers security ticket upgrades, parachutes and helmets

* Andrew Hansen’s Closing Comment; Now within the phrases of Marcel Marceau, Silence

Episode 18

Episode 44

air day: 2007-10-03

* Intro Joke; On starvation strike for Burma – Isabelle Caro

* Change of names; Craig – Sporty Chaser, Chris – Posh Chaser, Julian – Scary Chaser, Chas – Baby Chaser, Andrew – Sporty-ish Chaser

* Intro; AFL Grand Final celebrations, Australian citizenship check

o Stunt; How many Australian nationals might cross the brand new citizenship check?

* Stunt; Showing potential lessees round more and more unsuitable rooms for lease

* Ad/Trailer; Stynx deodorant

* Stunt; Julian pretending to be an inspector and going round a carpet warehouse sale, placing up indicators promoting extreme reductions

* Ad/Trailer; The World’s Most Inconvenient Interviews four

* Discussion; Israel’s kosher cell phone plans

* Ad/Trailer; “Jewcy” Rabbi Phone Chatline

* What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 23: When the Cupboard’s Bare. How to dredge up information tales from nowhere together with experiences on a bingo corridor which banned patrons from bringing in canines, a pony that watches TV, unlawful commerce in procuring trolleys and a lady who plans to have eleven youngsters

o Anna Coren’s Meaningless Gibberish of the Week; Bizarre intro to a report on company legislation

* Ad/Trailer; P&OD Cruises

* Stunt; Trying to scare away vacationers from climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the grounds that it’s a sacred web site for white folks

* Song; Newtown (a satire on Tim Freedman)

* The Fixers; John Laws money for remark disclosures, Burma

* Stunt; Trying to carry a rave in a clothes retailer

* End joke; Fatboy Slim tour dates

Episode 19

Episode 45

air day: 2007-10-10

* Intro Joke; Estimated variety of Britney jokes on this episode – 37

* Change of names; Craig – Hugh Laurie, Chris – Robert Sean Leonard, Julian – Jesse Spencer, Chas – Omar Epps, Andrew – Lisa Edelstein

* Intro; New Tasmanian pulp mill, Hillsong controversy

* Stunt; Craig posing as a courier and making an attempt to ship harmful or disagreeable objects to public buildings, comparable to stay animals and a dummy bomb

* Ad/Trailer; Jeff Buckley – The Ultimate Collection

* Stunt; What is essentially the most minor incapacity Chas can declare to have with the intention to get a disabled – solely seat on public transport?

* If Life Were a Musical; Applying for a driving license

* Ad/Trailer; Albino Man

* Citizens’ Infringement Officer; Standing on the improper aspect of an escalator

* Election Watch; The African Immigration Experience

* The Fixers

o Mr. Potato Head: Following a information story earlier within the week the place Sydney Airport detained a passenger making an attempt to smuggle medicine inside a Mr. Potato Head determine

o Kerry Packer: Involving his household flouting the hosepipe ban by shopping for in water from a 3rd – occasion provider

o The Homeless: Homeless folks carrying a poker machine on their physique for folks to play then “guilt” them to offer the cash again as a result of they “stole” from a homeless individual

* Ad/Trailer; Four Corners – Special report on hearse drag races

* Ad Road Test

o Uncle Toby’s Oat Brits (providing an oat – primarily based breakfast cereal to cafe patrons);

o The Foxtel cable advert the place folks journey by rolling in all places

* Andrew Hansen’s Closing Comment; “We’ll catch you again at Hillsong this Sunday … oh, what a giveaway!”

Episode 20

Episode 46

air day: 2007-10-17

* Pre-show warning – The present could also be offensive to Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders (A standard warning on the ABC; in some indigenous cultures, dying is taboo)

* Intro Joke; Tonight’s episode paid for by the Exclusive Brethren

* Change of names; Craig – Laurie Oakes, Chris – Jim Middleton, Julian – Glenn Milne, Chas – Paul Bongiorno, Andrew – Michelle Grattan

* Intro; John Howard and Kevin Rudd election guarantees in addition to debates and slogans

* Stunt; Craig dressing up as Emmett “Doc” Brown from Back to the Future and providing John Howard the prospect to return in time in a De Lorean DMC-12 and undo a few of his choices

* Ad/Trailer; Hocktober: A radio program primarily based across the antics of Workplace Relations Minister Joe Hockey.

* Open Mic; Railway station, Karaoke at Woolworths

* Stunt; Chas taking naps in public when he’s pressured to attend for items and providers

* Ad/Trailer; Cats the film as directed by Ken Loach

* Pursuit Trivia; Joe Hockey

* Election Watch; Aboriginal reconciliation

* Ad/Trailer; Kevin Rudd election advert during which he admits he steals John Howard’s concepts

* The Fixers

o Peter Garrett: Trying to get him to re-sing his Midnight Oil songs with a band The Chaser equipped

o Rip-off memorabilia: Stealing objects from the North Queensland Cowboys NRL crew on the airport

o Skin most cancers: Promoting a coffin which has been fitted out as a tanning sales space

o Identity theft: Stealing the id of an ANZ safety supervisor on the id theft convention.

* Song; “The Eulogy Song”, that includes references to deceased celebrities and the way they had been disliked after they had been alive however handled like “top blokes” as soon as they died

* End joke; Radiohead supply

Episode 21

Episode 47

air day: 2007-10-24

* Intro Joke; Special visitor worm: Richard Pratt

* Change of names; Craig – John Howard, Chris – Kevin Rudd, Julian – Bob Brown, Chas – Mark Vaile, Andrew – Lyn Allison

* Intro; No worm on the present tonight, televised election debate, election soundbites

o Stunt; Dressing up as white rabbits and following John Howard round, holding up indicators for election points comparable to “AFRICANS” and “ECONOMY” that he might “pull out of a hat” with the intention to win

* Stunt; Craig parking in the course of the grocery store whereas he does his procuring, pretending that the automotive is a raffle prize for charity

* Ad/Trailer; Liberal Party election advert – If Labour wins, 100% of ACTU officers might be commerce union members

* Sketch; Japanese TV

* Sketch; Chris taking showers and washing his automotive with the water saved inside a pet camel’s hump, with the intention to beat the drought

* Election Watch; Unions

* The Fixers

o Oversize popcorn: Walking right into a cinema with outsized packing containers of popcorn starting from 1 – 2m excessive

o Robert McClelland: Julian interrupting McClelland’s speech on the University of Sydney and saying that the ground can’t take any questions at the moment as a result of solutions might mirror Labour coverage

* If Life Were a Musical; Serenading a lady who lent Andrew an umbrella within the rain

* What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 24: Attitude.

o Anna Coren’s Meaningless Gibberish of the Week: Double Standards

* Ad/Trailer; Parody of Kevin Rudd and John Howard’s “turning off the TV” election advertisements on YouTube, the place Andrew begins to sing a brand new verse to “The Eulogy Song” (about David Hookes) however is reduce off in the identical fashion because the advertisements

* Andrew Hansen’s Closing Comment; “And remember, up next: the worm decides the outcome of Summer Heights High!”

Episode 22

Episode 48

air day: 2007-10-31

* Intro Joke; Sporting occasion nobody cares about: Boston Red Sox four, Colorado Rockies three

* Intro; Family First Party candidate accused of taking pornographic photographs of himself, cupboard divisions over Kyoto, Kevin Rudd on Facebook, expulsions from the Labour Party

o Stunt; Showing up at Kevin Rudd’s home for a sleepover, saying that as his Facebook pals he ought to allow them to keep the night time

o Stunt; Pretending to learn Peter Costello’s thoughts by way of “thought bubbles”

* Ad/Trailer; A Convenient Cause

* Stunt; Putting WorkChoices promoting stickers on all the things in a grocery store, together with the workers

* Sketch; Face of Jesus seen in a bathroom bowl

* Stunt; Andrew having conversations whereas turning his again on the opposite individual, to see if this works in addition to it does in cleaning soap operas

* Election Watch; The Grey Vote

* Citizens’ Infringement Officer; People carrying “apparel” on a nudist seashore (comparable to watches, jewelry and baseball caps)

* Stunt; “The Hassler Challenge” – Dressing up as numerous road distributors/advertisers, making an attempt to make one passerby cease for all 5 of them

* The Fixers

o Political promoting: Liberal Party parody of the 1980s AIDS consciousness marketing campaign with the Grim Reaper

o Funny church indicators: Putting up catchy indicators exterior mosques and synagogues

o Julia Gillard: Dressing up as Karl Marx and making an attempt to hug her, asking her to “embrace Communism”

* Stunt; “Streaking” totally clothed at nudist occasions

* Andrew Hansen’s Closing Comment; “Just a reminder. If you’re over 18 and haven’t enrolled to vote yet, bad luck, you’re too late, because John Howard changed the rules!”

Episode 23

Episode 49

air day: 2007-11-07

* Intro Joke; Late scratching from this week’s present: Charles Firth

* Change of names; Craig – Master O’Reilly, Chris – Purple Moon, Julian – Mahler, Chas – Zipping, Andrew – Mr Ed

* Intro; National Party members going rollerskating, rate of interest rise, controversial feedback made by Peter Garrett

o Stunt; Barricading the home of Glenn Stevens, governor of the Reserve Bank

o The Soundbite Challenge; New phase the place The Chaser counts up what number of occasions a politician has repeated the identical phrase or soundbite in a single press convention. 10 makes use of of the phrase “jocular” by Peter Garrett.

o Stunt; Telling jokes to Steve Price to search out out if he has any sense of humour in any respect

* Stunt; Dumping numerous objects of junk in a contemporary artwork gallery and passing them off as new displays

* Ad/Trailer; Bunnings Warehouse 1: Takeover of small companies

* Stunt; Trying to bribe folks on the road to vote for the Labour Party

* Ad/Trailer; Geraldine Doogue emulating Britney Spears

* What You Missed on Cable; Paranormal TV together with Dead Famous, Most Haunted and Derek Acorah

* If Life Were a Musical; Gang warfare (à la West Side Story)

* The Fixers

o Media scrums: Addressing a query to Julia Gillard by the use of a distant managed robotic

o Union bosses: Going trick-or-treating dressed as union bosses, to see how scary they are surely

* Ad/Trailer; Bunnings Warehouse 2: Too busy making commercials to offer any customer support

* Stunt; Andrew dressing as Where’s Wally? and checking himself right into a misplaced property workplace

* Sketch; Chris paying for stay musical performances and podcasts on the practice, as a result of he would not have an iPod

* Andrew Hansen’s Closing Comment; “And as always, I’d like to leave you with a funny quip, but unfortunately our writers have gone on strike.”

Episode 24

Episode 50

air day: 2007-11-14

* Intro Joke; There’s a Supreme Court injunction in opposition to this gag

* Change of names; Craig – Defecting to Nine, Chris – Defecting to Seven, Julian – Defecting to Understanding 50 Ads, Chas – Defecting to Ten, Andrew – Defecting to SBS

* Intro; Election marketing campaign launches and slogans, folks falling asleep on the sight of John Howard

* Stunt; Craig posing as an out of doors portrait artist and demanding giant quantities of cash for drawing stick figures of individuals

* Ad/Trailer; Least Favourite Things

* Open Mic; QANTAS terminal

* Stunt; Chas requesting a doggy bag for a really small quantity of leftovers in a restaurant

* Clive the Slightly-Too-Loud Commuter; Discussing a plan to homicide his mom

* Ad/Trailer; Elizabeth: The Golden Age with Bob Dylan taking Cate Blanchett’s position as Elizabeth I of England (a reference to Blanchett taking part in Dylan within the movie I’m Not There)

* Election Watch; The Environment

* The Fixers;

o John Edward: Dressing up because the Ghostbusters and confronting Edward with a “bullshit meter”

o Smoking: Julian pretending to be a terminally in poor health affected person and asking folks in the event that they acknowledge him from the warning footage on cigarette packets

* What Have We Learned From Current Affairs This Week?; Lesson 25: Hiding unhealthy performing, Lesson 26: Product placement, “Highly dubious reenactment” of the footage The Chaser shot at Today Tonight earlier than being issued with a courtroom injunction

o Anna Coren’s Segue of the Week; From the Melbourne Cup to a boy band

* If Life Were a Musical; Craig making use of to a expertise agent along with his horrible singing

* Ad Road Test

o The Loctite superglue advert the place a person is glued to the ceiling by the soles of his sneakers

o Novotel industrial that includes wild animals checking right into a lodge

Episode 25

The Chaser Decides

air day: 2007-11-21

Episode 26

The Chaser Decides

air day: 2007-11-28

The Chaser’s War on Everything season 2 backdrops

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