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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, series Stickin' Around season 1, 2, 3 was released in 1996-09-23 by YTV. The TV show was created by and directed by Brianne Leary. Actors in the cast include Ashley Brown, Ron Rubin, Catherine Disher, Melleny Brown, Amos Crawley, Dan Green, Ashley Taylor, Michael Angelis, Daniel Goodfellow. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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/ / Night of this Living Dumpster

air day: 1996-09-23

Aand Action!) : ” Bradley takes his dad’s camcorder as a way to develop a picture with Stacy. Even a Night of those Living Dumpster: Taking outside the garbage in the nighttime gets to be a dreaded undertaking as Bradley and Stacy need to flee by your Living Dumpster.

Episode two

Disappearing Act / And The Weiner Is…

atmosphere evening: 1996-09-30

Disappearing Act: Stacy’s chamber is really a wreck, therefore that she employs her mommy’s evaporating cream to delete the wreck that she gets left.

And that the Weiner Is…: The kiddies pool their cash with each other to buy a lottery ticket.

Episode 3

Beware The Lunchwad / Madam Know-It-All

atmosphere evening: 1996-10-07

Beware that the Lunchwad: The contents of Russell’s lunch tote is still a puzzle, however these may visit that is significantly more frightful compared to the dreadful scent. Madam Know Madam-It-All: Stacy, with got the capacity to foresee the near futureand attempts to work with her own psychic abilities to both discover Bradley’s lacking pet chamelion. Harold Examiner in your global Aviation and evil Uniforms Administration. Stacy determines to bypass the zillion many years of faculty needed to develop into a pilot, also do exactly the flight exam.

Yams Away: Bradley states Stacy’s Thanksgiving is self explanatory when she asserts that is likely to soon be “the best one ever.”

Episode 5

The Good, The Bad, and The Bradley / Bye Bye Baby Birdie

air evening: 1996-10-14

The Good, that the Bad, as well as also the Bradley: While named Hall Monitor, Bradley will become somewhat performed along with his brand new endeavor.

Bye Bye Baby Birdie: Stacy and Bradley possess an intimate experience with mommy character in Latchkey Apartments’ Courtyard.

Episode 6)

Didn’tcha Mr. D.? D.? Doddler pulls Bradley and Stacy’s care when he’s got any difficulty using his laundry and reminisces.

The Amazing Rubber Guy: Bradley has just a little overly enthusiastic along with his various comic book characters and virtually pushes his pals angry within a base ball match.)

Episode 7)

Jumbo Frank / Owed To A Tree

atmosphere evening: 1996-11-04

The Mucus Touch Frank averts the veterinarian.) If It Ain’t Fix, Break It Stacy cheers upward Bradley.

Episode 8)

Lassie Go Home / Hit The Showers

air evening: 1996-11-11

Jumbo Frank Frank can be set a diet plan. Owed into your Tree Stacy and also Bradley storyline to conserve a shrub. Hit that the Showers Locker-chamber pops.

Episode 10

Buttnocchio / Dill, Man Of…

air evening: 1996-11-25

Disciplinary Bradley’s joke will get Stacy in problem. This can be really a Hiccup Hiccups.

Episode 11

Coat Of Many / Environmentally

air day: 1996-12-02

Buttnocchio Stacy’s buttocks develops if she expires. Dill, Man of both… Stacy and Bradley head into the library.

Episode 12

Photo Oops / Casa Blank Stare

atmosphere evening: 1996-12-09

Coat of Many Stacy’s coat has an awful ago. Environmentally Stacy and Bradley detect a brand new globe. Casa Blank Satre

Episode 14

Lights Out / Do The Russell

atmosphere evening: 1997-01-20

Lights Out Stacy and also Bradley, when detected that Lance is fearful of this darkened, starts a strategy to frighten Lance from the trousers. Do that the Russell Miss Mobley determines to show the kids state line dance at the fitness center if it’s heavily discriminated out through recess, and also the youngsters need to remain indoors.

Episode 15

Hold It / Journey To The Centre Of Stacy’s Closet

atmosphere evening: 1997-01-27

Hold It On that a leaf-collecting trip with Stacy in the playground, Bradley guzzles a full sixpack of Mister Fizzy. Journey into the Centre of all Stacy’s Closet Stacy and Bradley proceed within a anticipated spelunking travel when Stella requests Stacy to completely clean her up cupboard. .

atmosphere evening: 1997-02-03

Gross Anatomy Stacy and Bradley proceed over a great voyage by way of Dill’s Anatomy. . When their classmates started out teasing Stacy and Bradley, accusing them to be a boyfriend and boyfriend, they both were driven aside from eachother.

Episode 17

Bar None / All Washed Up

atmosphere evening: 1997-02-10

Bar None Selling chocolate bars to get a college journey results in an experience at the real world world of significant company. All Washed Up After being forced to wash up right after the youngsters in the Latchkey Complex, Stanley volunteers that the group from the Saturday Morning Garbage Patrol.

Episode 18

It’s My Parties / Do The Hookey Pookey

atmosphere evening: 1997-02-17

It’s my own Parties Stacy finds himself at the midst of the warfare once Stella and also Stanley are each and every casting one-piece surprise birthday celebration to her. Do that the Hookey Pookey Stacy and Bradley opt to engage in Hooky, preventing faculty. / Pool Party

air evening: 1997-02-24

What’s that the Flap, Jack?) Stacy and Bradley devote their whole afternoon attempting to split data. Pool Party Bradley’s mindset ends within the uninvitation into Melody’s Pool Party.

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