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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, Family, series Rocket Power season 1, 2, 3 was released in 1999-08-16 by Nickelodeon. The TV show was created by and directed by Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó. Actors in the cast include Joseph Ashton, Shayna Fox, John Kassir, Ray Bumatai, Gary LeRoi Gray, Ulises Cuadra. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

New Squid on the Block/Down the Drain

air day: 1999-08-16

Sam has to learn to find his place in the group when he moves to town after his parents’ divorce. / The Stimpletons entrust Reggie to watch their pool while they’re away. The kids decide to drain it to make an awesome skating bowl.

Episode 2

Ice Queens/Secret Spot

air day: 1999-08-18

When Ocean Shores is overrun with “shoobies” (tourists in sneakers and tube socks), Ray permits the gang to travel to his secret surf spot. / Twister’s girly-girl cousin, Clio, accompanies the group to Mount. Baldy for the annual “Winterfest.”

Episode 3

Otto 3000/Night Prowlers

air day: 1999-08-23

When Otto’s snowboard gets mangled before a competition, smooth-talking, two-faced Snomart rep Dick Shackley offers Ottos a corporate sponsorship./ Even though they know it’s wrong, the kids agree to a midnight street-hockey challenge with Lars and co.

Episode 4

Happy Luau to You-Au / Rocket Rescue

air day: 1999-08-25

When Otto gets the group kicked out of Madtown, Reggie’s birthday party plans are ruined. / When Sam and Twister have to go to Junior Lifeguard class, Reggie and Otto think their friends are a couple of “sea weenies.”

Episode 5

Twister’s Cuz / Big Thursday

air day: 1999-08-30

Twister has to look after his cousin, little Scotty, the same day that the new human sky torpedo ride opens at the amusement park on the pier. When a huge storm hits ocean shores, Ray forbids Otto to surf its dangerous waves.

Episode 6

Rocket Girls / Father’s Day Off

air day: 1999-09-01

The kids think that the “family fun day” parent-kid competition is a real dorkfest until they learn that the grand prize is a wave runner.Sam’s father, Doug, comes to visit him for the first time since the divorce.

Episode 7

Powergirl Surfers / Twisted Cinema

air day: 1999-09-06

When it looks like Otto will make the cover of Gnarly Surf Magazine, Reggie is angry because the photographer doesn’t think girls can surf.

Episode 8

Blader Bowl / Total Luger

air day: 1999-09-08

When the news comes to Madtown to show the new Blader Bowl Otto decides it’s his chance to make it to the big time.

Episode 9

D’ is for Dad / Banned on the Run

air day: 1999-09-13

Just as Ray is about to take the kids away for a surfing trip, Otto gets a bad grade in school and is not alowed to go. / When Otto accidentally collides with Merv, local activists use it to ban skateboarding on the boardwalk.

Episode 10

Super McVarial 900 / Loss of Squid

air day: 1999-09-15

Otto’s ego gets the best of him when he tries to pull off the Super Mcvarial 900, a new move that Sam swears cannot be done. / The kids’ friendship with Sam is tested when he hooks up with a computer geek named Oliver.

Episode 11

Rainy Days & Sundaes / Zine Dreams

air day: 1999-09-22

The rain keeps Reggie from training for the Junior Triathlon, so she joins in some kitchen-destroying mayhem with Otto and Twister. / Tired of Reggie’s bossy attitude, Twister and Otto make fun of her when she wipes out and humiliates herself.

Episode 12

Hawaii Blues / Lost and Find

air day: 1999-09-27

Everyone takes Tito for granted, until his strange behavior calls attention to the fact that he’s homesick. / When the kids discover that Mackenzie (a tough little five-year-old girl) has lost her parents, they decide to help her find them.

Episode 13

The Night Before / Violet’s Violet

air day: 1999-10-20

Otto, Sam And Twister Agree To Sneak Out With Eddie, Prince Of The Netherworld, For Mischief Night.The Kids Think Nothing Of Accidentally Destroying Violet’s Flower Garden, Until Merv Explains That They’ve Ruined Her Chances Of Taking First Prize.

Episode 14

Fall & Rise of Sam / Typhoid Sam

air day: 1999-10-25

Otto And Twister Look Down On Boogie Boarding, So Sam Feels Left Out Of The Group Because He DoesnÃ+t Know How To Surf.The Other Kids Blame Sam For Giving Them The Flu And Keeping Them From Playing A Crucial Street Hockey Game And Making The Playoffs.

Episode 15

The Wrath of Don / Safety Patrol Sam

air day: 2000-03-07

The Kids Flip Out When The New Skateworld Movie Starts Filming At Madtown.When Sam Is Forced Into Being On Safety Patrol, He Becomes Abusive In His New Position Of Power.

Episode 16

Reggie and a Net / The Great Sandcastle Race

air day: 2000-03-07

Reggie Will Do Anything To Make The Beach Volley Ball Team And Join Her Friends Trish An Sherry. Sam Rises To Oliver’s Challenge That Nobody Can Beat His Team In The Annual Ocean Shores Sandcastle Competition.

Episode 17

Escape From Lars Mountain / It Was a Dark and Stormy Day

air day: 2000-03-14

When the news comes to Madtown to show the new Blader Bowl Otto decides it’s his chance to make it to the big time.

Episode 18

The Aloha Kid / Otto Mobile

air day: 2000-03-14

Otto gets jealous when Tito’s nephew Keoni comes for a visit from Hawaii. Not only is Keoni an instant hit with the gang, he seems to be able to do everything better than Otto.

Episode 19

Big Air Dare / Otto’s Big Break

air day: 2000-03-21

Otto and Reggie start a fierce battle of one-upmanship on the mountain to determine who the best snowboarder is.

Episode 20

Snow Day / Welcome to the Club

air day: 2000-03-21

When Sam tells Otto about how school was cancelled every time it snowed back when he was living in Kansas, it gives Otto the idea to have a snow day (without snow)as well.

Episode 21

All About Sam / Half-Twister

air day: 2000-03-28

When Josh Grody-the new kid in ocean shores-tries to buddy up with The Rockets, he’s not exactly met with open arms. Josh soon finds a sympathetic friend in Sam, who introduces him to the gang.

Episode 22

Twisting Away / The Spot Remover

air day: 2000-03-28

Twister has always been a handful, and after he angers his parents by digging up the backyard, he overhears them talking about making a change.The Rocket gang gets stoked for some good times when Ray and Tito take them to their secret spot.

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