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The first episode of the Comedy, series Pet Alien season 1, 2 was released in 2005-01-23 by Kabillion. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Candi Milo, Charlie Adler, Charlie Schlatter, Jess Harnell, Bill Fagerbakke. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

I Was a Teenage Bearded Boy / Escape from Detention X

air day: 2005-01-23

The aliens accidently lock Tommy out of the lighthouse considering that Tommy is a misleaded crab.

Episode 2

The Amazing Atomic Tommy / The Crater of Doom

air day: 2005-01-30

Melba Manners thinks Tommy is just not mature sufficient so she leaves Tommy with the brand new, preschool neighbor.

Episode three

The Great Movie Massacre / The Day That Wouldn’t End

air day: 2005-02-06

The aliens assume Tommy is a superhero. The aliens assume that Tommy has by no means informed anybody about his secret identification.

Episode four

She Comes for Your Heart / Beast Who Stole My Heart

air day: 2005-02-13

Tommy has all the time had embarassing photos for School Picture Day. Tommy should make this image the perfect of his life, till a pimple seems on his head the following day.

Episode 5

Sounds of Doom / Darkness

air day: 2005-02-20

Tommy and the aliens go to the amusement park. Tommy can not go on the brand new experience as a result of he isn’t tall sufficient, it is as much as the aliens to assist.

Episode 6

The Boy with Six Legs / Evil Emperor

air day: 2005-02-26

Tommy has home chores to do and leaves the aliens to do vacuuming. The aliens immediately freak out that the vacuum is a monster.

Episode 7

They Came from Outer Space / Tentacles of Terror

air day: 2005-02-27

Before Gumpers had got here to Earth, he had a pre-selected spouse. Can the gang assist Gumpers flip into the husband of this younger girl?

Episode eight

Bay of the Triffids / Doctor of Doom

air day: 2005-03-05

Dinko turns obsessive about Tommy’s mailbox. When the mailman comes the following day, Dinko takes the mail and hides it someplace, considering it is a trick.

Episode 9

The Bride of Gumpers / Thing on the Corner

air day: 2005-03-06

Tommy will get what he is all the time wished, facial hair! In this case, in tends to be a beard. Tommy is not only a child anymore, he is mature sufficient to be an grownup with that beard. Tommy turns into well-liked and everybody notices him. He than goes to events, dances, and different nice stuff with out his associates. But, one factor he is forgotten about his finest associates, The Aliens.

Episode 10

Night of the Walking Cannonball / It Landed on the Porch

air day: 2005-03-12

Tommy will get in bother in class and his snobby trainer offers him a detention. The Aliens start to freak out once they discover out that he should keep after faculty doing boring issues comparable to: doing homework, erasing the chalkboard and different humiliating issues.

Episode 11

Box of Doom / Assault of a Rodent

air day: 2005-03-13

The aliens discover a locked field in Tommy’s basement. The aliens say there’s one thing terrible in regards to the field however Tommy would not imagine them.

Episode 12

Attack of the 50 Foot Boy / It Came From the Closet

air day: 2005-03-19

A stink home mouse invades Tommy’s home, consuming all the cheese. Gumpers should combat the mouse to get again his beloved want, cheese.

Episode 13

Attack of the Werescruffy/Darkness

air day: 2005-05-12

Swanky’s mother and father are coming to DeSpray Bay. Swanky wants to point out his mother and father that he’s a grown alien.

Episode 14

Invasion of the Balloon People / The Little Monster Ball

air day: 2005-05-19

Tommy will get the oppertunity to deliver house the category pet, an octopus. Gumpers has aten the opposite class pets that Tommy has introduced house earlier than, however not this time.

Episode 15

Bad Blood from the Beyond / Terror TV

air day: 2005-05-23

Tommy tries to make a film about his house, the lighthouse. Tommy hopes that the film might be successful.

Episode 16

Terror TV / The Day That Time Stood Still

air day: 2005-05-24

Tommy has a foul day and the aliens make an invention to cease dangerous days by repeating the day over.

Episode 17

Horror-Scope / Scare Affair

air day: 2005-05-25

Episode 18

Stage Fright / Night of the Cat People

air day: 2005-05-26

Episode 19

Horror-Scope / The Alien Who Sold the World

air day:

Tommy should take accordion classes as a result of his mother desires him concerned in musical themes.

Episode 20

Unleashed Beasts of Fury / The Floating Head

air day:

Tommy is afraid of the darkish and Dinko would not need Tommy to be afraid of the darkish so Dinko helps Tommy face his fears.

Episode 21

The Boy Who Became Something / The Time That Time Ended

air day:

Dinko finds out that Tommy’s good friend, Gabby goes to present her his coronary heart.

Episode 22

A Pirate and His Dog / The Boy Who Ate Too Much Taffy

air day:

Granville’s stuffed chicken is a large distraction to Tommy and Flip when Flip falls in love with Granville’s faux chicken.

Episode 23

Night of the Walking Cannonball

air day:

A film superstar pops into DeSpray Bay and Tommy and the aliens go to see him.

Episode 24

It Landed on the Porch

air day:

It’s a battle between Tommy and Melba Manners once more – whoever could make the perfect newspaper will win the competitors.

Episode 25

Bay of the Triffids

air day:

Dinko tries serving to Tommy handle his mom’s plant, till Dinko accidently turns the plant into an alien-like monster.

Episode 26

Doctor of Doom

air day:

Tommy’s mom tells Tommy that he must get his flu shot at the moment. Tommy would not need to go to the physician’s so the aliens give you an concept.

Episode 27

Invasion of the Balloon People

air day:

It’s time for the annual scorching air balloon present, and the aliens imagine they’re guests from one other planet.

Episode 28

The Little Monster Ball

air day:

Tommy will get invited to Granville’s social gathering, and the aliens come to save lots of him from impending doom

Episode 29

The Land That Size Forgot

air day:

Episode 30

The Day the Food Expired

air day:

Episode 31

The Evil that Thumbs Do

air day:

Episode 32

Terror TV

air day:

Tommy and his alien associates go loopy when Tommy’s TV immediately breaks. They go to Captain Spangley’s retailer, however it’s closed. All Tommy desires to do is watch Taffy Patrol.

Episode 33

Bad Blood from Beyond

air day:

Episode 34

The Day Time Stood Still

air day:

Episode 35

Horror Scope

air day:

Episode 36

Scare Affair

air day:

Episode 37

Stage Fright

air day:

Episode 38

Night of the Cat People

air day:

Episode 39

Return of the Ghastly Gobbler

air day:

Episode 40

Shipping and Handling Not Included

air day:

Episode 41

The Boy Who Became Something

air day:

Episode 42

Unleashed Beast of Fury

air day:

Episode 43

The Creature of the Spray Bay

air day:

Episode 44

The Alien Who Sold the World

air day:

Episode 45

Beware the Decider Maker

air day:

Episode 46

I Voted for an Alien

air day:

Episode 47

A Pirate and His Dog

air day:

Episode 48

They Took Tommy’s Brain

air day:

Episode 49

The Boy Who Ate Too Much Taffy

air day:

Episode 50

The Floating Head

air day:

Episode 51

The Time That Time Ended

air day:

Episode 52

The Day of Judgement

air day:

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