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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, series MADtv season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 was released in 1995-10-14 by Fox Broadcasting Company, Comedy Central, The CW. The TV show was created by and directed by Quincy Jones. Actors in the cast include Will Sasso. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The original season of MADtv aired from October 14, 1995, to June 22, 1996, together with 19 episodes)

MADtv season 1 episode manual & download alternatives

Episode Guide

Episode 1

Episode Number101

atmosphere evening: 1995-10-14

Casting MADtv/Cast Open Vud Number1-Tongue Vancome Lady- Make-upward Counter Poison MacDumpsters Don Martin- Out of all Gas Vud Numbertwo- Watch Out

Episode two

Episode Number102

atmosphere daily: 1995-10-21

LAPD Correct Powerbook Number1: Newt Crimson Tide two Powerbook Number4: Snoop Powerbook Numbertwo: McVeigh

Episode 3

Episode Number103

air evening: 1995-10-28

Sketches comprise “”Phone Sex””, “”A.D.D. Girl””, “”NDI Vs AE&E; Number1-Nicole””, “”Outing Dummy””, “”Psychic Cop””, “”Spy Vs Spy-Tuba Bang””, “”Debra and Debbie””, “”Racism Vs Spam””, “”First into some Million””, “”Don Martin- Wish Bone””, “”Apollo that the 13th””, “”Phil’s Mulatto Monologue””, “”Don Martin- Blow Up Girl””, “”Cookin’ With Sherry””, “”Circus Guy””, “”Homeland Improvement””, “”NDI Vs AE&E; Number2-Woman””, “”Rolling Stones Video-Like A Rolling Stone””

Episode 4)

Episode Number104

atmosphere evening: 1995-11-04

Sketches comprise “”Life With Buffer,”” “”Highagain,”” “”Boxing Corner,”” “”Number1-Hair,”” “”P.R.,”” “”Spy Vs Spy–Umbrella,”” “”Boxing Corner Number2-Makeup,”” “”Vancome Lady ER,”” “”Lying,”” “”Boxing Corner Number3-Birthday,”” “”Woody Allen Action Flick,”” “”Sex Therapist,”” “”Dennis Rodman PSA, respectively”” “”Family Feed,”” “”Republican Gladiators,”” “”Don Martin-Fisherman,”” “”Advice,”” “”Other White Meat,”” “”Spy Vs Spy-Sewer Chase””

Episode 5)

Episode Number105

atmosphere evening: 1995-11-11

Conference Call Got Urine?) Celibacy Backstage Spy Vs Spy-Log Jam

Episode 6)

Episode Number106

atmosphere afternoon: 1995-11-18

O.J. Plates Calvin Klein AdNumber1 Stop Smoking Number1 Stop Smoking Number2 Vague Calvin Klein AdNumber2 Stop Smoking Number3 Clueless of those Lambs Calvin Klein Number3 Spy Vs Spy-Sunbeam

Episode 7)

Episode Number107

atmosphere evening: 1995-11-25

Lowered Expectations-Dave Opening Organ Donors Disruptive Principal Lowered Expectations-Phil Navajo Football League Don Martin-Water-ski Tyson vs. Barty Hard into Oppress Vud Light–Mob Spy Vs Spy-Funland Happy Happy Storytime Lady Lowered Expectations-Orlando Tapeworm Monologue Don Martin-Fat Freak Math Made Easy Monologue-Dave Foley Vud Light-Devil Imaginary Friends Spy Vs Spy-Torpedo Duck, Duck, Goose

Episode 8)

Episode Number108

atmosphere evening: 1995-12-09

Sweatin’ into the O.G.’s Lottery Losers Lottery-Producers Daytime Jane-Ellen Monologue-L.L.Cool J. The Octoroon Don Martin-Scalpel Daytime Jane-Larry Gump Fiction Scat Chat Spy Vs Spy-Jail Spring UBS Promotion Daytime Jane-Ed Ejaculation Monologue Fabulous–comprising RuPaul Don Martin-Rescue Plane Lady Madness Spy Vs Spy-Dream Boat

Episode 9

Episode Number109

air afternoon: 1995-12-16

Easy into Assemble Wonder Rake 5000 Vancome Lady-Dept. Store Santa Fruitcake Vs Santa Spy Vs Spy-Plunger Raging Rudolph College Advisor The X Mas That Santa Forgot The Bank Monologue-Pauly Shore Donut Shop Happy Go Lucky Phil Last Call Spy Vs Spy-Tank Bomb

Episode 10

Episode Number110

atmosphere evening: 1996-01-06

Stress US Commercial Clintfeld Knowledge Spy Vs Spy-Spaghetti Door Handicapped Toilet Police The Go-Between Get Smarty Improv Don Martin-Brick Layers Mafia Management Monologue-Andy Kindler Spy Vs Spy-Fleas Line of all Duty Emotional Prostitute Don Martin-Cake Machine Mime Psychiatrist

Episode 11

Episode Number111

air afternoon: 1996-01-13

Candidate Number1 The Presidents of those United States Commercial Lounge Lawyer Spy Vs Spy-Macaroni Factory Office Window Don Martin-Civil War Window of those Soul Candidate Number2 I Could Do That The Presidents of those United States Performance-“”Lump”” Candidate Number3 Time Manager Spy Vs Spy-Lab Fly Big Game Dan Take per Letter

Episode 12

Episode Number112

atmosphere evening: 1996-02-03

Cotton Swabs Heart Pops Martin Spy Vs Spy-Magnet Nail Poetry Class Menace II High Society Don Martin-Tennis Rescue 911 Gordy Lane Spy Vs Spy-Kill Command Crisis Center Hitman Needy Guy Instant Personality Dog

Episode 13

Episode Number113

air evening: 1996-02-10

Lowered Expectations-Folk Singer Vista Card-Militia Dr. Goodwrench Spy Vs Spy-Rock Drop Memory Power XXX Files Lowered Expectations-Danza Your Cheatin’ Head Don Martin–Chemistry Set Jim Carrey School of all Acting Lowered Expectations-Bubble Ron Vancome Lady Hostage Negotiator Sick of all It That’s How They Get You Quality Time Foreign Psychiatrist

Episode 14

Episode Number114

air afternoon: 1996-02-17

Happy News Network Michael Jackson Infomercial Wannabe Grilling-Featuring Brian Austin Green Rude Lady Spy Vs Spy-Hair Dryer Davey and The Son of Goliath The Instigator Sports Injury Coffee House Don Martin-Beach Ball Boy Good Cop Bad Cop All About Whoopi-Featuring Whoopi Goldberg Don Martin-Tee Pee man UBS Wake Odds and Evens: The Movie Disruptive Waitress

Episode 15

Episode Number115

air afternoon: 1996-03-09

Coffee and also Donuts Ink Blot Lowered Expectations-Rick Number1 That’s My White Mama Terms of all Imprisonment Lowered Expectations-Rick Number2 Dream Stealer Joel and Connie: Small Claims Lowered Expectations-Rick Number3) Spy Vs Spy-Bomb Assembly Eddie Murphy Audition Monologue-Dave Higgins Gohhar and Hagop Don Martin-Assembly Line Lowered Expectations-Rick Number4

Episode 16

Episode Number116

atmosphere day: 1996-03-16

X-News Number1 International Coffee-Hangover Ozark Singled Out Dole Commercial Casino Man International Coffee-Ripped Off X-News Number2 Doctor’s Visit Insanely Disappointed International Coffee-Kidnapping X-News Number3 Survival Weekend Spy Vs Spy-Slam Dunk The Big Game

Episode 17

Episode Number117

atmosphere evening: 1996-04-06

O.J. Video Bloopers Leevis Diaper That’s My White Mama two In Your Ear Number1 In Your Ear Number2 Lethal Talkin’ For Your Files Only-Featuring Claudia Schiffer Spy Vs Spy-Monkey Business Homegirl Surgeons-Featuring Kim Coles Leevis-Birthmark Intimidation Commercial Leevis-Nuts Valedictorian

Episode 18

Episode Number118

air evening: 1996-05-25

Sketches comprise “”X-News Number1″”, “”Headache Number1″”, “”Beauty Pageant””, “”The New Job””, “”Spy Vs Spy-Projector””, “”X-News Number2″”, “”Babewatch””, “”Headache Number2″”, “”Drug Bust””, “”Monologue-Bruce McCulloch””, “”Leevis Number2″”, “”Funeral DJ””, “”Headache Number3″”, “”Spy Vs Spy-Love Robot””, “”X-News Number3″”, “”Hearing””, “”Spy Vs Spy-Fail Safe””

Episode 19

Episode Number119

atmosphere evening: 1996-06-22


Martial Arts Number1 Spishak Margarine Meet The Folks Lowered Expectations-Danielle Fugitive Martial Arts Number2 Spy Vs Spy- Sidewalk Switch Party Dad Lowered Expectations-Budduda Gumboy and Poker Martial Arts Number3 Joey Devanzo Monologue-Harland Williams Lowered Expectations-Carol I’ll Kick Your Ass Zany and Madcap

Episode 20

Best of Season 1

air daily: 1996-08-24

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