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The first episode of the Reality, series Iron Chef season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 was released in 1997-01-10 by Food Network. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Hiroyuki Sakai. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Sakai vs Kasahara Hiroshi (Rice Cake)

air day: 1997-01-10

Episode 2

Chen vs Michifude Hiroshi (Dried Scallop)

air day: 1997-01-17

The challenger is the 25-year-old son of a outstanding Chinese delicacies chef whose restaurant “Kochouran” in Kobe was demolished through the big earthquake again in 1995. It’s been 2 years by the point they taped this, and the chairman, whereas dissatisfied that the chef of Kochouran completely give up the enterprise when his restaurant was destroyed, was happy to search out the chef’s son as the pinnacle chef of Canton Shuka “Ten” in Kobe.

Kaga’s theme announcement expressed confidence that Kobe was certainly constructing its “pillars” or foundations firmly after the catastrophe. The phrase for “pillar” in Japanese is “hashira”. This instantly brings to thoughts “kai-bashira” (shell-pillars, a standard idiom for the adductor muscle of bivalves). But not simply any kaibashira – no, they needed to be probably the most prized “kaibashira” in Chinese delicacies – dried scallops, also referred to as ganbei or conpoy.

Judges: Eimoto Takinori (Baseball?), Megumi Oishi (Newscaster), Zaitsu Ichiro (Actor?), Asako Kishi (Critic)

Episode three

Sakai vs Rory Kennedy (Rabbit)

air day: 1997-01-24

The challenger is the pinnacle chef of a London restaurant that was established in 1798. He is a grasp of Gibier (wild sport) delicacies. Only 4 months after this episode initially aired in Japan, Chef Kennedy died after a fall in his restaurant.

Episode four

Sakai vs Rory Kennedy (Pigeon) Overtime

air day: 1997-01-31

It is simply the second extra time battle within the historical past of Kitchen Stadium. The cooks used many of the provides and substances within the first battle, so that they have to be inventive throughout this 30-minute extra time cook-off.

Episode 5

Nakamura vs Morieda Hiroyoshi (Crab)

air day: 1997-02-07

Episode 6

Chen vs Kou Houkou (Rice)

air day: 1997-02-14

The challenger is Premier Chef in China. He is an professional in Fujian Cuisine. This is a battle between two excellent Chinese cooks.

Episode 7

Sakai vs Shimada Tetsuya (Truffle)

air day: 1997-02-21

Club Mistral is again with one more challenger for Sakai. Shimada educated in France for 5 years earlier than returning to Japan. He hopes to indicate that the brand new era of French cooks in Japan is able to take over. Can Sakai struggle again the problem?

Episode eight

Nakamura vs Yamazaki Tateo (Nattou)

air day: 1997-02-28

Episode 9

Sakai vs Jyo Etsuo (Wine)

air day: 1997-03-07

Episode 10

Chen vs Wakiya Yuji (Papaya)

air day: 1997-03-14

Episode 11

Nakamura vs Mera Takashi (Seaweed)

air day: 1997-03-21

Episode 12

Sakai vs Kitami Hiroyuki (Honey)

air day: 1997-03-28

Episode 13

Nakamura vs You Koukan (Hanami Festival)

air day: 1997-04-11

This battle doesn’t have a theme ingredient, nevertheless it does have a theme. Hanami, or flower viewing, is the theme of this battle. The challenger is a Chinese chef. He heads a Chinese restaurant with a protracted historical past. The tasting space is about up outdoors underneath the Sakura.

Judges: Shinichiro Kurimoto, Asano Yuko, Eiji Bando, Masumi Okada, Asako Kishi

Episode 14

Sakai vs Okumura Shinzou (Bamboo Shoot)

air day: 1997-04-18

Episode 15

Chen vs Ootsuki Chihiro (Tomato)

air day: 1997-04-25

The challenger is a lady who specializes within the delicacies of Spain. This is a really shut battle that’s determined by one level.

Judges: Tenmei Kano, Minako Tanaka (Actress), Tsurutato Kataoka (Actor), Asako Kishi (Critic)

Episode 16

Sakai vs Sasaki Kiyoyasu (Perch)

air day: 1997-05-02

The challenger educated underneath the legendary French chef Paul Bocuse. (I feel he might have been the primary Japanese chef that Bocuse educated.)

Judges: Tenmei Kanoh (Photographer), Sayuri Ishikawa (Actress), Sanshi Katsura (??), Asako Kishi (Critic)

Episode 17

Nakamura vs Azumaya Norio (Pork)

air day: 1997-05-09

The challenger was as soon as a chef at Nadaman, the restaurant the place Nakamura presently works.

Judges: Shinichiro Kurimoto, Kishimoto Kayoko, Hideki Takahashi, Asako Kishi

Episode 18

Nakamura vs Jillian Harst (Ostrich)

air day: 1997-05-16

Despite having had challengers from around the globe, Chairman Kaga had not welcomed a chef from Australia. The challenger is the proprietor/chef at Indigo. She started her coaching at age 19. At age 31, she opened her personal restaurant. She desires the world to know that Australian cooking is extra than simply prawns on the barbecue and beer within the hand.

Judges: Shinichiro Kurimoto, Chizuru Azuma, Masaki Kanda, Asako Kishi

Episode 19

Chen vs Takagi Masao (Duck’s Egg)

air day: 1997-05-23

Kitchen Stadium has been open for a little bit greater than three and a half years. The final of the unique Iron Chefs is Iron Chef Chinese Chen Kenichi. The challenger excels at Shanhai type cooking. He challenger started his coaching on the age of 15. He feels he’s the most effective Japanese Shanghai type chef. What higher ingredient for competing kinds of Chinese delicacies than the Chinese delicacy Pitan (thousand-year egg)?

Judges: Tenmei Kanoh, Lisa Junna, Chai Ran, Joji Yamamoto

Episode 20

Sakai vs Germano Orsara (Ham)

air day: 1997-05-30

The brother of the challenger did battle in opposition to Chen in a Swordfish battle two years earlier. It is an Italian vs. French battle.

Judges: Tamio Kageyama (Novelist), Keiko Saito (Actress), Tatsuo Umemiya (Actor), Asako Kishi (Critic)

Episode 21

Nakamura vs Sakane Hisahito (Sea Eel)

air day: 1997-06-06

The challenger is the quantity two man at certainly one of Kandagawa Honten, the primary restaurant of Toshiro Kandagawa. He is simply 27 years previous.

Judges: Emoto Takenori, Reiko Takashima, Tsurutaro Kataoka, Asako Kishi

Episode 22

Kobe vs Hagiwara Masahiko (Pasta)

air day: 1997-06-13

This is the debut battle of Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe.

It’s been 4 years since Kitchen Stadium opened. We journey to among the finest Italian eating places on the planet, Inotecha Pinchiori, to search out the latest Iron Chef, Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe (27).

Today’s challenger has been in Kitchen Stadium earlier than. He battled Iron Chef Chen Kenichi again in 1995, within the Scampi Battle. He is taken into account among the finest pasta cooks in Japan. This must be the primary battle the place the challenger really has extra expertise in Kitchen Stadium than the Iron Chef. There might be one later when certainly one of Michiba’s former assistants battles Morimoto in solely his fifth look as Iron Chef. (Sweetfish)

Kaga welcomes the challenger and summons the three Iron Chefs. He then tells the challenger, “Of course, today you won’t be doing battle with these three.”

The very first thing you will discover as soon as the gong of destiny sounds is that deliberate tempo with which Kobe approaches the theme. This will be the solely time I’ve ever seen him not operating to the rostrum to get his substances. He is shifting as slowly as I’ve ever seen him transfer. Every at times, Kobe will get a glance of confusion, however that is considerably comprehensible as it’s his first battle. They hold mentioning the truth that Kobe is 27 years previous.

In the royal field at this time are challengers from earlier battles.

– Yamada (Cabbage)

– Kobayashi (Pumpkin)

– Osako (Mushroom )

– Uetake (Peach)

– Kitami (Tomato)

Challenger’s Dishes

–Rice pasta, two-color hors d’ourves

–Handmade pasta in eggplant

–Foie Gras and Duck Ravioli

–Rotelli Soup

–macaroni and Farfalle two-color pasta

–Beef Filet and Truffle Conchiglie Round Wrap

–Pasta “Napkin” dessert

Iron Chef’s Dishes

–Scallop & Conchiglie Gratin & ?? Salad

–Tomato ?? Soup, Gnocci

–Chocolate Trofie

–Penne & Broccoli with Mushroom Sauce

–Cheese Pasta Wrap

Judges: Shinichiro Kurimoto, Masumi Okada (Actor), Kazuko Katoh (Actress), Asako Kishi

Episode 23

Sakai vs Sato Norio (Amberjack – Kampachi)

air day: 1997-06-20

The challenger lives on the Izu Peninsula, west of Tokyo. It is a area recognized for its sizzling springs and considerable fish. Of course, his dishes are full of the flavors of the ocean.

Judges: Shinichiro Kuriimoto, Akiko Yano, Kunihiko Mitamura, Asako Kishi

Episode 24

Chen vs Syu Kenchu (Akahata – Grouper)

air day: 1997-06-27

The challenger is a prime chef from Hong Kong. He has gained many cooking competitions.

Judges: Tenmei Kanoh, Saya Takagi, Chai Lam, Asako Kishi

Episode 25

Nakamura vs Kashima Masami (Prawn)

air day: 1997-07-04

The challenger educated in France, however he now focuses on Vietnamese cooking.

Judges: Tamio Kageyama, Keiko Saito, Hideki Takahasi, Asako Kishi

Episode 26

Sakai vs Ishikawa Toshiyuki (Sea Urchin)

air day: 1997-07-11

The challenger began coaching to be a chef on the age of 15. He earns reward from each Iron Chef Chen and Dr. Yukio Hattori. The Chairman calls him the way forward for Chinese cooking in Japan.

Judges: Takenori Emoto, Megumi Oishi, Yasosuke Bando, Asako Kishi

Episode 27

Chen vs Matsuno Yoshikazu (Mantis Shrimp – Shako)

air day: 1997-07-18

The challenger is a sushi chef from Yokohama who’s a favourite of well-known athletes and entertainers. He entered the sushi world at age the age of 16. Chairman Kaga calls him a sushi artisan.

Judges: Shinichiro Kurimoto, Kayoko Kishimoto, Ichiro Zaitsu, Asako Kishi

Episode 28

Kobe vs Stephan Tabacchi (Cabbage)

air day: 1997-07-25

This is the second battle in Kitchen Stadium for the brand new Iron Chef Italian, Masahiko Kobe. He misplaced his first time in motion, and the Chairman desires to see if he has what it takes to win as an Iron Chef.

The challenger has cooked for a lot of well-known celebrities. He started cooking at age 13. He headed the kitchen at a lodge restaurant in Italy earlier than leaving to move a restaurant in Japan. He arrived in Japan simply two months earlier than this battle.

Judges: Tamio Kageyama, Hitomi Takahashi (Actress), Sunplaza Nakano (Musician), Asako Kishi (Critic)

Episode 29

Sakai vs Toyoshima Seiji (Milk)

air day: 1997-08-01

The challenger is the fourth despatched by Club Mistral to tackle Iron Chef Sakai. The chef operates a restaurant in Ginza. I feel the women of Ginza actually like his dishes.

It has been three years since Club Mistral despatched their first challenger to Kitchen Stadium. We can have the theme ingredient once more that was utilized by the chairman Miyamoto. Milk is the theme and the Chairman arranges for 2 cows to be introduced into Kitchen Stadium so the cooks can have the freshest potential theme ingredient.

Judges: Takenori Emoto, Naomi Kawashima, Takao Horiuchi, Asako Kishi

Episode 30

Nakamura Chin vs Sakai Kobe (Watermelon)

air day: 1997-08-08

It is summertime, and Chairman Kaga desires to have fun with a summer time pageant. The Iron Chefs are divided into two groups: Asia Team (Chen and Nakamura) and Europe Team (Sakai and Kobe).

Kaga asks, What theme do I select for a dream tag match? That summer time fruit. Watermelon.

Judges: Shinichiro Kurimoto, Keiko Saito, Tatuo Meidaka, Asako Kishi

Episode 31

Chen vs Souseiko Kawaguchi (Eggplant)

air day: 1997-08-15

It is time for the Obon Festival in Japan. (It historically takes place in mid-August) The challenger is a buddhist monk who prepares vegetarian meals. She is the youthful sister of the challenger from Season 2, Sakai vs. Sotetsu Fujii within the Yam Battle

Judges: Tenmei Kanoh, Harumi Inoue, Kotaro Satomi, Asako Kishi

Episode 32

Sakai vs Androsoni Pietro (Melon)

air day: 1997-08-22

Episode 33

Nakamura vs Kojima Koten (Potato)

air day: 1997-08-29

The challenger is the primary French chef on Kyushu. He opened his personal restaurant on the age of 26.

Judges: Tenmei Kanoh, Senri Yamabuki, Tetsuya Bessho, Yoshiko Ishii

Episode 34

Nakamura vs Kojima Koten (Flatfish) Overtime

air day: 1997-09-05

The challenger is the primary French chef on Kyushu. He opened his personal restaurant on the age of 26.

The earlier battle between these two cooks was declared a no contest by The Chairman.

Judges: Tenmei Kanoh, Hiroko Moriguchi, Gitan Ootsuru, Yoshiko Ishii

Episode 35

Sakai vs Nakajima Toshiyuki (Cow’s Cheek)

air day: 1997-09-12

The challenger has declined many invites from Chairman Kaga to do battle in Kitchen Stadium. He heads a French restaurant in Aoyama, Tokyo. He educated in prime eating places in France. It’s a French on French battle as Toshiyuki Nakajima takes on Iron Chef Sakai in Battle Beef Cheek.

To add to the stress, apparently Sakai’s restaurant will not be removed from the challenger’s.

Episode 36

Chen vs Igarashi Miyuki (Cucumber)

air day: 1997-09-26

This challenger is the youngest ever to enter Kitchen Stadium. At the younger age of 22, she already heads the kitchen of a bustling Chinese restaurant in Tokyo. She was solely 7 when she started serving to her father within the kitchen that she ultimately took over. She feels chef’s job is extra necessary than that of a physician. Once once more, Chen is named upon to tackle a feminine challenger.

Episode 37

Kobe vs Imai Fujio (Matsutake)

air day: 1997-10-03

The challenger’s restaurant is usually visited by Crown Prince Akihito, Princess Masako and Princess Kiko. He began his culinary coaching on the age of 15. He grew to become a head chef at 24. The Chairman spent 1 million yen on the theme ingredient for these younger cooks. (That’s a little bit over $12,000 now, about $eight,200 again then.)

Episode 38

1997 World Cup

air day: 1997-10-10

1997 “World Cup” match in Arashiyama. Liu Xikun vs. Nakamura (Beef) and Alain Passard vs. Patrick Clark (Homard Lobster). The winners face one another in a Foie Gras Battle.

Episode 39

Chen vs Nagasaka Matsuo (Spareribs)

air day: 1997-10-17

Judges: Shinichiro Kurimoto, Yoshizumi Ishihara, Keiko Saito, Asako Kishi

Episode 40

Sakai vs Goto Masashi (Prawn)

air day: 1997-10-24

Episode 41

Kobe vs Seki Yuji (Chestnut)

air day: 1997-10-31

Iron Chef Kobe is the Prince of Pasta. His challenger tonight is the Prince of Chinese delicacies.

Judges: Tenmei Kanoh, Kazuko Kato, Koki Mitani, Chieko Honma

Episode 42

Nakamura vs Azuma Keiji (Lamb)

air day: 1997-11-14

Episode 43

Chen vs Matsushima Toru (Crab)

air day: 1997-11-21

Episode 44

Kobe vs Takahashi Kazunari (Milt)

air day: 1997-11-28

Episode 45

Kobe vs Takahashi Kazunari (Shrimp) Over Time

air day: 1997-12-05

Episode 46

Nakamura vs Moris Guilett (Scallop)

air day: 1997-12-12

Episode 47

Kobe vs Takagi Yasumasa (Strawberry)

air day: 1997-12-19

Episode 48

Nakamura vs Kandagawa Toshiro (Bony Parts)

air day: 1997-12-26

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