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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, Drama, series Home Movies season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 2002-01-06 by UPN, Adult Swim. The TV show was created by and directed by Loren Bouchard, Brendon Small. Actors in the cast include H. Jon Benjamin, Melissa Bardin Galsky, Brendon Small, Janine Ditullio, H. Jon Benjamin, H. Jon Benjamin, Paula Poundstone, Loren Bouchard. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1


air day: 2002-01-06

Melissa and Jason help Brendon run for office against the previously undefeated Thurman Thackery. Unsolicited help from the school bully, Shannon, raises questions about the fairness of the campaign. Also: Coach McGuirk gives stand-up comedy a try.

Episode 2

Identifying a Body

air day: 2002-01-13

Brendon is doing a good job trying to raise money for the school walk-a-thon, but Coach McGuirk is doing a better job spending it. No worries! Coach’s long-lost Uncle Pedro has died and left something for him in his will.

Episode 3


air day: 2002-01-20

Believing they are in a creative rut, the kids agree to take a hiatus. Brendon reluctantly agrees to film Duane’s band rehearsal and meets Cynthia, an older choreographer. Coach McGuirk and Mr. Lynch plan a trip to Cancun, while Paula is the victim of budget cuts at her school.

Episode 4

Business & Pleasure

air day: 2002-01-27

The young filmmakers are filming a new movie about a blind date. Unfortunatly, Jason keeps budding into the scene at the wrong time, which screws everything up. Then Jason invites Brendon to come over to his house for a sleep over. Brendon agrees, but only on one condition; they can’t talk about buisness. Jason then bluntly brings up the subject at the sleep over, so Brendon leaves. At 4 AM, Jason calls Brendon…

When Brendon shows up late at soccer practice, Coach McGurk grows concerned and then believes that Brendon is doing drugs. He trys to make the soccer team intervine, but only ends up making a fool of himself. Oh, and Jon also makes Brendon clean up a dog’s crap.

Brendon changes the script for the blind date movie, so that Jason is a main charecter. Melissa doesn’t like this, and Paula makes Brendon change the script again. So the finished product has Jason and Melissa being the main charecters, and Brendon being the waiter.

Meanwhile, Erik attempts to help Paula get a job. Sh

Episode 5

The Party

air day: 2002-02-03

The kids are invited to Fenton Muley’s birthday party. Brendon has been asked to make a special film for the occasion, but has a hard time praising Fenton since he can’t stand him.

Episode 6


air day: 2002-02-10

Brendon and Scab are trying to make a score for a sequence in the Starboy movie, when the old choreograhpher stops by to pick up her bag. Brendon suggests that sometime they should do something. She says to call her when he thinks of something. Brendon, Melissa, and Jason are hanging out at Jason’s parent’s country club, and Jason tells Brendon he should take her to the country club and order food with his account number, so Brendon does that; both of them sit in the kiddie pool because Brendon didn’t want her hair to get wet.

Well, someone does a cannonball so it does get wet, then Brendon orders sandwhichs with Jason’s account, so the club’s personal find out and everything goes wrong, resulting in the choreographer hating Brendon. Meanwhile, Paula goes to a new job interview; actually, she has to take a computer typing test before she gets the job. She lyes to a man that she is excellent at typing, so after she fails the test (due to pressure), she asks to reschedule it because of “”

Episode 7


air day: 2002-02-17

Brendon spends the weekend with his father and his father’s girlfriend, Linda, who turns out to be a very unpleasant person. Coach McGuirk, meanwhile, plays big brother to a student who is prone to sickness.

Episode 8


air day: 2002-02-24

Brendon goes to family therapy with Andrew and Linda to learn ‘gentle talk.’Brendon doesn’t like the therapy, and when the therapist begins to analyze his movies, he likes it even less.

Episode 9

Class Trip

air day: 2002-03-03

A class trip to a hotel provides a great opportunity for some ‘on location’footage. It sounds like a great plan until Paula is asked to chaperone the trip with Mr. Lynch. Coach McGuirk has to get a second job to pay for damages resulting from a fight with the office coffeemaker.

Episode 10


air day: 2002-03-10

Mr. Lynch is tutoring Brendon, who is failing History. His lack of historical perspective is evident through his movies, which star the evil George Washington, the evil Picasso and the evil Annie Oakley.

Episode 11

Writer’s Block

air day: 2002-03-17

The school writing fair is one week away and Brendon is suffering a bad case of writer’s block! Melissa and Jason put pressure on him to no avail, but they end up being a hit anyway. Paula is inspired by the pep talk she gives Brendon and gets back to her writing roots.

Episode 12

Pizza Club

air day: 2002-03-24

Paula tries to get a role in one of Brendon’s films about a little girl named Little Malooloo who has two fathers. McGuirk feels left out by the regular pizza club meetings that Brendon has with his dad.

Episode 13

The Wedding

air day: 2002-03-31

The big day is here: Brendon’s dad is marrying his girlfriend. A rash is slowly covering Brendon’s body, but otherwise he’s doing okay. Paula’s friend Stephanie is in town for the wedding and takes a liking to Coach McGuirk.

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