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The first episode of the Documentary, series History Detectives season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 was released in 2004-06-21 by Public Broadcasting Service. The TV show was created by and directed by Bernadette McDaid. Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Civil War Submarine / Red Cloud’s Peace Pipe / Thomas Edison’s House

air day: 2004-06-21

Civil War-Era Submarine The Place: New Orleans, Louisiana In Louisiana’s bustling French Quarter sits a surprising remnant of American warfare – a Civil War-era submarine. Salvaged from the depths of a New Orleans lake, the origin of this vessel stays a murky thriller. Now a New Orleans man must know if his great-grandfather helped assemble the iron-clad marvel.

Red Cloud’s Peace Pipe? The Place: Livermore, California Was this peace pipe given to a Californian woman’s ancestor by the well-known warrior Chief Red Cloud? The ancestor was the Indian agent who moved the Oglala Lakota to a Reservation in South Dakota. Would Chief Red Cloud have given such a gift to a U.S. authorities official? The History Detectives return to the turbulent days of the 1870s and a battle of wills and political scandal that reached the most effective ranges of presidency.

Thomas Edison’s House? The Place: Union, New Jersey This uncommon house is alleged to have been designed and constructed by Thomas Edison. Did the

Episode 2

Early Monopoly / Internment Artwork / Lewis and Clark Cane

air day: 2004-06-28

Early Monopoly? The Place: Arden, Delaware An individual in Delaware has an outdated board sport that bears a excellent similarity to Monopoly, nevertheless was made 20 years sooner than Parker Brothers patented their creation. Could he private the earliest mannequin of the world’s best-selling board sport? History Detectives investigates Monopoly’s historic previous and discovers a surprising story. Rather than originating inside the Great Depression of the 1930s, Monopoly is likely to be a rather a lot older sport, reflecting an monetary argument that – if adopted – would have created a radically completely completely different financial system than at current’s.

Japanese Internment Camp Artwork The Place: San Francisco, California A San Francisco archive has discovered a set of watercolor work of what appears to be a jail camp. Piecing them collectively displays they’d been painted on the once more of a Japanese-American internment uncover from 1942. What is the story behind these work? Who was the artist? And what was his or her future? History Detectives uncovers the dramati

Episode three

Anti-Slavery Flag / Mail Order Brides / WWII Landing Craft

air day: 2004-07-05

World War II Landing Craft The Place: Bayfield, Wisconsin A craft used for dredging and hauling rocks in Bayfield’s harbor might preserve a dramatic secret. A neighborhood man whose father fought inside the Second World War claims that, 60 years previously, the vessel carried out an essential place inside the D-Day landings, when it transported American tanks on to the seashores of Normandy. Could this ship truly be one in every of many 1500 LCT103 “”Landing Craft Tanks”” designed and constructed to assist the amphibious landings of World War II, and did it truly see movement off the seashores of France?

The Abolitionist Flag The Place: Michigan What two Michigan brothers believed was an outdated sheet in a family trunk may need contributed to the tip of slavery in America. Was the sheet a flag an ancestor may need used to advertising marketing campaign for the creation of Free States? Or was it used as propaganda in a pivotal pre-Civil War advertising marketing campaign? History Detectives explores the politically charged abolition movement to reveal the gorgeous earlier of this fam

Episode 4

First Movie Studio / Hollywood: Warner’s Lighter / King Kong Camera

air day: 2004-07-12

The First Movie Studio? The Place: Los Angeles, California Lincoln Heights is a quiet neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles positioned faraway from the glitz and glamour normally associated to Hollywood. But a resident there thinks the city’s first motion picture studio may be positioned correct in her very private neighborhood park. Could a broken gateway as quickly as have been the grand entrance to the beginning of Hollywood historic previous?

Warner Ufa Lighter The Place: Los Angeles, California A California man spends $50 at a flea market on an classic lighter that is likely to be a little bit of Hollywood historic previous. It is engraved with “”Harry Warner”” on one side and “”Ufatone”” on the other. Harry Warner was one in every of many founders of Warner Brothers, whereas Ufa was Germany’s largest studio and Hollywood’s best rivals. What is the connection between Harry Warner, recognized for his anti-fascist dedication, and a studio that turned the propaganda instrument of the Nazi event?

King Kong Camera? The Place: Washington State and

Episode 5

Dueling Pistols / Little Big Horn Bayonet / Nesbit Portrait

air day: 2004-07-19

Dueling Pistols The Place: San Francisco, California A San Francisco monetary establishment owns two classic pistols, allegedly used inside the closing good duel on U.S. soil. Fought in 1856, the duel was between abolitionist Senator David Broderick and California Supreme Court Justice David Terry. 150 years later, a monetary establishment employee must know if these weapons are real – and additional regarding the duel. What truly occurred? Was it about slavery or honor? Did it have an effect on the results of the Civil War?

Evelyn Nesbit Portrait The Place: New Jersey A woman owns a portrait she believes is a misplaced masterpiece by thought-about one in every of America’s greatest illustrators and artists, Howard Chandler Christy. The painting’s matter is claimed to be Evelyn Nesbit, the actress and model who rose to fame in 1906 when her husband killed a widely known architect accused of “”taking profit”” of her. The ensuing scandal rocked New York inside the early 1900’s and have develop into the “”trial of the century””. But is the painting real?

Little Big Horn Bay

Episode 6

Home of Lincoln Assassination Plot / Preston Brooks’ Riding Crop / Revolutionary War Cannon

air day: 2004-08-02

Preston Brooks’ Riding Crop The Place: Long Island, New York An individual claims that an beautiful utilizing crop was given to a family ancestor by the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. He believes that it was no unusual present, nevertheless was given to Preston Brooks to congratulate him for beating into senselessness an anti-slavery campaigner, Charles Sumner. Many regard this public assault inside the Senate as a giant second in America’s switch in direction of division and Civil War. History Detectives visits New York City, Columbus, Georgia and Sea Cliff, New York, to unravel a startling story of politics, filibusters and mistaken identification.

Home of Lincoln Assassination Plot The Place: Greenwich Village, New York A woman has a question regarding the dwelling she’s been residing in for the previous couple of years. She’s heard a rumor that John Wilkes Booth, the infamous assassin of Abraham Lincoln, spent some time in her house. Not solely that, she’s heard that her home is the place the plot for the assassination

Episode 7

Chinese Poem / Ventriloquist’s Dummy / Witch’s House

air day: 2004-08-16

Ventriloquist Dummy The Place: Brooklyn, New York An African American woman in Brooklyn, New York, has her father’s black ventriloquist dummy, “”Sam.”” Her father, John Cooper, was the first well-known African American ventriloquist. In a time of minstrel stereotypes, did “”Sam”” help transform how Americans seen race inside the early 20th century? How was this dummy created and was it meant to be a protest in opposition to racial prejudice?

Witch’s House? The Place: Essex County, Massachusetts Did this house as quickly as belong to an accused witch? History Detectives heads to New England to evaluation the likelihood with native historians and a descendant of the accused witch, Martha Carrier, who was executed by hanging in 1692 all through the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

Migrant Poems The Place: San Francisco, California In the first half of the 20th century, virtually 250,000 Chinese immigrants tried to enter the United States. Because of discrimination in opposition to Chinese and authorized pointers meant to impede their go

Episode eight

Bonnie & Clyde Bullets / George Washington Portrait / Revolutionary War Poem

air day: 2004-08-23

Bonnie & Clyde The Place: Brodhead, Wisconsin Could 5 spent bullets inside the possession of a Wisconsin woman have been answerable for the demise of the notorious Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow? History Detectives travels to cities throughout the nation in an attempt to hyperlink the bullets to the crime spree of the murderous twosome.

Revolutionary War Poem The Place: Salem, Oregon History Detectives goes to Salem, Oregon to look into the story of a Revolutionary War poem found 25 years previously, hidden in an classic trunk. The doc appears to have been written by an American named Dan Goodhue whereas imprisoned in 1780 as a POW in England. Who was this man and the best way did his poem journey for over two centuries, all through the ocean and nation, to complete up in Oregon?

Portrait of George Washington The Place: Frederick, Maryland Could a drawing handed down by means of a Maryland family actually be an real portrait of the nation’s first president, George Washington? The investigators attempt to pr

Episode 9

Lost Gold Ship / John Hunt Morgan Saddle / Cesar Chavez Banner

air day: 2004-09-06

Lost Gold Ship The Place: Alaska Environmentalist Gabriel Scott was working inside the Copper River Delta near Cordova, Alaska, when he acquired right here all through the wreckage of an outdated ship. According to locals, these are the stays of the SS Portland, the well-known steamship that carried 68 miners and virtually two tons of gold from the Klondike River to Seattle harbor and began the good Klondike Gold Rush of 1897. The History Detectives crew mixes maritime historic previous and forensic science to reveal the dramatic story of the SS Portland and make sure that the stays are of this legendary ship.

John Hunt Morgan Saddle The Place: Paris, Kentucky A Kentucky man owns a fantastically preserved, Western-style saddle, believed to have been utilized by Confederate General John Hunt Morgan on his audacious raid into Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio in July 1863. History Detective Wes Cowan has a surprising non-public connection to the case – his great-grandfather was actually thought-about one in every of “”Morgan’s Raiders”” and was captured alongsi

Episode 10

Continental Army Muster Roll / Pop Lloyd Baseball Stadium / Pretty Boy Floyd’s Gun

air day: 2004-09-13

“”Pretty Boy”” Floyd’s Handgun The Place: La Verne, California An individual owns a basic Colt computerized handgun, which family legend suggests as quickly as belonged to the Depression-era desperado, Charles “”Pretty Boy”” Floyd. According to the legend, Floyd gave the gun to the particular person’s uncle, who had served as a result of the authorized’s lookout. History Detective Wes Cowan travels to California, Oklahoma and Missouri to search out why gangsters turned heroes to the agricultural inhabitants of the Midwest and to reveal the true story behind the dramatic rise and fall of an individual who ranks alongside Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger as one of many important vibrant monetary establishment robbers in American historic previous.

Continental Army Muster Roll The Place: Las Vegas, Nevada An individual owns an outdated Continental Army muster roll issued by town of Falmouth, Massachusetts in July 1780. Among the 16 males listed is “”Paul Cuffee, and the contributor must know if this is likely to be proof of a beforehand unknown episode inside the lifetime of Cuffee, a excellent

Episode 11

Charlie Parker’s Saxophone / Koranic School Book / Prison Plaque

air day: 2004-09-20

Charlie Parker’s Saxophone? The Place: Oakland, California A woman owns an beautiful outdated alto saxophone that belonged to her father and consistent with family legend was as quickly as owned by the legendary jazz musician Charlie “”Bird”” Parker. Her late father, a white musician, knowledgeable her that after they lived in Portland, Oregon, Charlie Parker acquired right here to a observe session with out his horn. The story goes that when her father chided Parker for selling his instrument, Bird talked about, “”If you want the horn rather a lot, that is the pawn ticket.”” Is the story true? Did these two musicians ever meet? Would troubled musical genius Charlie Parker abandon his horn?

Prison Plaque The Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania In the middle of Philadelphia stands the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary developing. Founded by Quakers in 1829, this castle-like building set new necessities for prisons all through the nation with its progressive ideas for rehabilitation. Recently, a gaggle answerable for preserving this historic structu

Episode 12

Body inside the Basement / Newport U-Boat / Shippen Golf Club

air day: 2004-09-27

Body inside the Basement

Newport U-Boat

Shippen Golf Club

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