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The first episode of the Comedy, series Good Eats season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 was released in 2006-05-03 by Food Network. The TV show was created by and directed by Alton Brown. Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode inch

Tort(illa) Reform

atmosphere daytime: 2006-05-03

With therefore handful of Americans creating their particular tortillas, A-B expects to deliver some basic methods and recipes to earn a terrific tortilla, substituting the fair storebought ones we’ve got within our cabinet.

Recipes contained in this specific episode: Corn Tortillas, Lime Tortilla Chips.

Episode two

Just Barley

atmosphere evening: 2006-05-17

A-B takes exactly the few of simple grains of starch and attempts to show them in dinner we can love.

Recipes contained in that episode: Baked Barley, Barley Bread, Barley and Lamb Stew, Barley Salad, Barley Water.

Episode 3

House of those Rising Bun

air day: 2006-06-07

Alton’s attempting sell a new dwelling, nevertheless also the realtor claims that the yummy odor of baked items could help to make the purchase, therefore that it’s off into the oven to get Alton.

Recipes showcased within this episode:

– Monkey Bread

Episode 4)

Cubing per Round

air: 2006-06-21

Alton assesses the foundation of this block beef and attempts to create state cooking dwelling again.

Recipes contained in this specific episode: Country Style Steak, Swiss Steak, Chicken Fried Steak.

Episode 5)

Water Works that I

air: 2006-07-12

Alton points out the origins of normal water, and its own qualities and hazards, and also the prevalence of bottled H20.

Episode 6)

Water Works II

air evening: 2006-07-19

Alton carries on his mining of plain water(describing how dwelling drinking water filters eliminate contamination, the way water softeners function, also clarifies the features of water additional types — smoke and steam.

Episode 7)

Peachy Keen

atmosphere day: 2006-09-20

Good Southern boy Alton happens about the South’s favored berry, including its foundation, forms along with just how exactly to conserve the beautifully manicured toxin.

Recipes within this episode:

– Individual Peach Upside-Down Cake

Episode 8)


air daily: 2006-09-27

Sid that the Edibles Agent yields(requesting Alton to simply help stave off his most recent issue clientand also that the famously slimy seed pod called okra.

Recipes showcased within this episode:

– Dry Fried Okra

Episode 9

Squid Pro Quo II

atmosphere evening: 2006-10-04

Alton happens into the ocean onto an investigation boat to understand more on the subject of squid and present recipes to get squid appetizers.

Recipes within this episode:

– Squid Stuffed Squid

Episode 10

Pop Art

atmosphere evening: 2006-10-11

A visit into a neighborhood theater reminds Alton that pop corn was formerly mild, soft and yummy. Learn the exactly how and the reason of bursting kernels and watch Alton’s improvised, cheap pop corn popper.

Episode 11

Major Pepper

air evening: 2006-11-08

Alton ends the highlight over the king of pepper, spices, that has witnessed its formerly lofty prestige paid down for truly a companion for dining salt.) Included: An early lesson tracing that the spice up empires of this 17th-century and also the way exactly to select soda grinders.

Recipes within this episode:

– Pepper Vodka

Episode 12

Fry Turkey Fry

atmosphere evening: 2006-11-12

Deep-frying a turkey is really just a cooking procedure increasing in popularity by leaps and boundaries. But it could likewise be among the absolute most damaging, together with possibility of acute petroleum burns up or possibly flame. Alton spot lights that the important actions for supreme security, for example the best way to decide on the greatest skillet and earning the Alton Brown Turkey Derrick®, his preferred means to find the fowl at and outside of this kettle without even putting oneself in danger.

Featured recipes at this specific episode:- Deep-fried Turkey

Episode 13

Pantry Raid VI: Lentils

atmosphere evening: 2007-01-17

Alton believes that the lentil, a tasty way to obtain fiber, protein and nutritional supplements which performs in sauces, in almonds, and also even yet in baked items such as snacks – sure, biscuits! The first at a occasional show in regards to the materials of this well-stocked pantry.


Lentil Soup

Episode 14

Tortillas Again

air evening: 2007-02-02

Alton is under siege. His kitchen area has been currently being picketed by Cooks Against Wasted Left-Overs. Alone and left by his own picture team, Alton is seen from the Mother of all Culinary Invention, who supplies the most dire prepare inspiration.)

Recipes within this episode:

– Ultimate Nachos

Episode 15

Bowl O’ Bayou

air evening: 2007-02-14

A-B reduces the complete notion of Gumbo, describes that the gaps among Cajun and also Creole and describes that the significance of the roux this timeless dish.) After many roux failures A-B includes a fool proof way of producing brick (darkish) roux as well as the ideal gumbo.


Shrimp Gumbo

Episode 16

Fowl Territory

air evening: 2007-02-21

Cornish hens are modest and flavorful( however have precisely the very same threats of these bigger brethren. Alton provides a collision course about what steps to take to best to steer clear of ailment with all the very small creatures, comprising his Four Cs of food-safety: Contain, Clean, Cook and Chill. –


– Grilled Curry Cornish Hens

– Cornish Game Hen with Bacon and Onions

Episode 17

Fruit 10 in Outer Space (Pomegranates)

atmosphere daily: 2007-03-07

The pomegranate resembles some thing out of outer distance, however Alton informs us it is among the lightest fruits out there. But just in case you understand just how exactly to make the journey at the capsules of hot goodness with no wreck.

Recipes within this episode:

– Pomegranate Syrup or Molasses

– Pomegranate Gelatin

– Grilled Leg of all Lamb with Pomegranate Molasses Glaze

– Tequila Sunrise

Episode 18

Pickled Pink/Corn that the Beef

air evening: 2007-03-14

Inspired with way of a visit to New York City, the funding of corned beef, Alton determines to create their or her own, due to the fact great corned beef is not easy to come across beyond these Big Apple and north south of those Mason-Dixon. Along how, the foundation of this meat that was succulent and also the fable of this St. Patrick’s Day conventional dinner.)


– Corned beef brisket

– Corned cabbage and beef

– Corned beef hash

Episode 19

Espress Yourself

air: 2007-04-04

Put down the Venti mocha soy latte and measure off in your Starbucks little by little. Alton return to basics using the small bit of beverage which began it all together. From a ideal bean to purchasing a grinder along with a espresso maker, know exactly where you must commit your cash back.

Recipes showcased within this episode:

– Espresso

– Macchiato

– Cappuccino

– Latte

Episode 20

American Classics I’m Spinach Salad

air evening: 2007-04-18

Alton commences a brand new series emphasizing the essential although usually failed simple cuisine of America. First upward may be your poultry salad. Popeye’s favored vegetable demands just a couple improvements to eventually be a salad that is first-class. Also, salad spinners to create your mind spin.

Recipes within this episode:

– Wilted lettuce salad with bacon dressing

– Cold spinach salad with egg and bacon dressing

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