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The first episode of the Drama, series ER season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 was released in 2005-09-22 by NBC. The TV show was created by and directed by Michael Crichton. Actors in the cast include Maura Tierney, Parminder Nagra, Scott Grimes, Linda Cardellini, John Stamos, David Lyons, Angela Bassett. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The twelfth season of those American literary play tv show ER 1st aired on September 22, 2005 and reasoned on May 18, 2006. The twelfth season includes 22 episodes)
Meanwhile, Pratt and Lewis manual Abby, Neela and Ray, who’ve gotten r 2’s, on the best way best to show the brand new interns.

Episode two

Nobody’s Baby

atmosphere: 2005-09-29

Much into Ray’s kiss, a surrogate mommy at labour does not wish to have a more c section and interrupts the life span of the infant. Meanwhile, Sam informs Luka she and Alex are going outside. Pratt matches his halfbrother along with -sister, also Abby leaves a complicated decision regarding a youthful boy.

Episode 3

Man with No Name

air day: 2005-10-06

Luka features a terrible afternoon: New nurse director Eve Peyton finds he does not wish to get the job done well with Sam and informs him so. At that the conclusion of your afternoon he is drunk and Abby chooses him dwelling.

Episode 4)

Blame it upon the Rain

air: 2005-10-13

The wet evening contributes to diverse patients with a mommy engaged in a auto crash together with her infant, a guy using a pride facilitator, and also a comatose individual that unexpectedly awakens. Also, Sam methods around Eve along with also her strict methods and Jerry will get hit by lightening! Victor Clemente, happens along and fast creates a wake up onto the ER. Abby’s breast-cancer patient wants her to require a lengthy possible evaluation. Luka befriends a youthful girl who awakens out of the six-year coma. Also, Weaver displays Clemente who conducts on the ER.

Episode 6)

Dream House

atmosphere day: 2005-11-03

Pratt’s halfbrother attempts for him to pay the bills with his estranged dad. Clemente treats a child chimpanzee and demands Abby and Neela to the key. Eve boosts Sam along with also her initial actions will be to shoot an dear nurse. Abby is caught at the center of the debate among Luka and Clemente. Neela gets a phonecall from Iraq. Later, Luka and Abby talk about a kiss.)

Episode 8)

Two Ships

atmosphere day: 2005-11-17

The ER prepares to participate in sufferers by some plane crash, whereas Neela and Pratt go outside into the wreck site at which Neela helps make epic attempts. At that the conclusion of your afternoon, Neela has a sudden trip.

Episode 9

that I Do

air afternoon: 2005-12-01

Gallant impulsively asks Neela to wed her that exact afternoon, she claims that I do however so on catches chilly toes. Morris stands upward to Weaver about an patients path of treatment method. Luka, Sam and Clemente cure a boy that contracted HIV from his mommy. Also, Abby and Luka redefine their connection also Luka is known as the brand new Chief of Emergency Medicine.

Episode 10

All About Christmas Eve

air: 2005-12-08

Pratt and also Weaver take to to produce an Christmas wonder if they perform to conserve a girl injured from gun fire. Eve will get to problem after hitting a tumultuous affected person. Also, Abby comes with a distinctive present for Luka. Abby and Kovac fight to determine what things to accomplish along with her unexpected pregnancy. Dubenko volunteers at the ER but can not appear to deal with a gradual moment. Abby and Kovac go child hunting, even though Neela will get upsetting and unexpected information from Gallant. Nate Lennox, an former scientist together with ALS, is introduced into because the development of the disorder will be chronicled by their or her own flashbacks because he’s medicated with every one of the health practitioners at the same position. As Lennox desires to contribute upward, Abby struggles to persuade him to continue on battling. Meanwhile, Luka and Abby expect examination results in the unborn kid; Neela struggles along with her surgical optional and Pratt ultimately ends up using an abrupt suitor if he participates at a charity bachelor auction.

Episode 15


air: 2006-03-02

In that the Sudan, Carter as well as also a colleague fight to conserve a woman that was mistreated by means of a group of militants. Back from the ER, Clemente asks to go back to perform immediately after the shooting episode, however, Kovac refuses. Meanwhile, Neela and Pratt possess a job dispute, ” also, at a relevant episode, K.J.’s daddy appears again at the ER. Armand Assante guest stars like somebody that creates Sam a deal that she may be unable to to deny. Luka have to tranquil Abby’s baby-related anxieties after a episode at a medical facility puts everybody in danger. Kerry creates a complicated alternative, also Neela unites a service team.

Episode 17

Lost at America

air: 2006-03-23

Abby and also Luka desperately attempt to preserve a youthful woman enter to the ER using stab wounds into the throat living. As her illness starts to worsen, Clemente methods in and attempts a speculative procedure to your ex to be able to truly save her entire life. Meanwhile, Neela brings an allnighter in prep for a language in a physician’s seminar, Ray treats a guy proclaiming to possess swallowed a jar of supplements, and also Sam determines to have a part time occupation without Richard to simply help her with all childcare bills.) Will he honor his devotion, or question a colleague to measure ahead because of him personally? Abby and Morris wrestle together with all the strange instance of the auto wreck victim. Having decided within her own life, Sam finds himself playing a number of brand new perks. Neela has sudden traffic, together with much more unexpected information. Abby senses something’s not exactly what is sounds if she treats some 12-yearold along with also her grandma (guest celebrity Diane Ladd), subsequently disagrees with Luka on the ideal path of activity. A captive has been attracted towards the ER in exactly what everybody believes is that a bogus circumstance of appendicitis. Morris is dressed, and willing, to impress, however Albright’s maybe not. It’s period for Kerry to go back to perform and Clemente will not understand when it is the right time for you to depart.

Episode 20

There Are No Angels Here

atmosphere daytime: 2006-05-04

Pratt has to do the job at Darfur along with Carter along with also his coworkers( however is still bothered by staggering amount of folks requiring maintenance and finds himself building a hazardous travel.

Episode 21

The Gallant Hero along with also the Tragic Victor

air daily: 2006-05-11

Pratt struggles to receive yourself a right narrative after 2 mistreated boys enter the ER together with their own father. Two U.S. Army officers input the ER. Their desperate activities put one physician in harm’s manner, and compels one particular individual nurse to develop into a tool within their own plan.

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