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The first episode of the Comedy, Drama, series Drop Dead Diva season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was released in 2009-07-12 by Lifetime Television. The TV show was created by and directed by Josh Berman. Actors in the cast include Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

When beautiful-but-vapid version wanna-be Deb expires in an auto crash, she’s unwittingly relegated into your human anatomy of this newly deceased Jane Bingum. Now, with way of a turn of destiny along with also a bolt of heavenly intervention, Deb has to come in terms of occupying Jane’s curvier framework at the best show down between beauty and brains.

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Episode 1


atmosphere daytime: 2009-07-12

When beautiful-but-vapid version wanna-be Deb includes a deadly vehicle crash, ” she unexpectedly finds herself at front of Heaven’s gatekeeper, ” Fred, who admits her a selfcentered “zero.” Outraged, she tries to convince Fred to reunite her into her shallow presence however is accidentally relegated into your human anatomy of their newly deceased Jane Bingum. A fantastic, considerate and well-mannered lawyer having a faithful helper, Teri, Jane has consistently dwelt at the shadow of her more comely coworkers where-as Deb has consistently depended upon her behalf outside splendor. Now, with way of a turn of destiny along with also a bolt of heavenly intervention, Deb has to come in terms of occupying Jane’s plus size framework at the best show down between beauty and brains.

Episode two

The ‘F’ Word

air: 2009-07-19

Deb finds what daily life is like for Jane as she chooses to an incident protecting a cocktail waitress who’s dismissed later she profits 50 pounds. Grayson and Kim re-present Chad at a custody nevertheless the one issue he needs from back out of his spouse is the kidney. Jane has difficultly comprising her feelings and can be thrown into contempt of this courtroom and eventually ends up supporting bars. Kim and Grayson sue a psychologist who “cured” that their customer’s spouse of the various characters, just she eliminates this wrong person.

Episode 4)

The Chinese Wall

air: 2009-08-02

Jane defends her – preferably Deb’s – mum at a custody lawsuit if Grayson turns her down mum’s petition since he’s already symbolizing Deb’s daddy. Deb has a opportunity to devote some time together with her mother Bobbi and commences to master how to give up her previous lifestyle. Kim symbolizes your pet dog operator who adores a puppy grinding corporation for violation of agreement since he believes that this clone really isn’t the very same dog since his very first canine, that was simply a Westminster winner. When she chooses to a pro bono case to get a person that has been wrongfully incarcerated and Free D 10 a long time after, she admits she gets dropped of 8 decades of her own daily life. Kim and Grayson has to shield a guy who generated a site for couples that were married seeking to cheat.

Episode 6)

Second Chances

atmosphere day: 2009-08-16

Jane signifies a football mom who’s attracted to test for skipping bond and evading arrest for a crime she perpetrated 20 a long time before. Grayson’s consumer, an ageing actress, maintains the newspapers liberally conducted his obit. When Grayson has a retraction, your customer still is not joyful and Grayson understands that the individual needs a little a lot more than lawful care.

Episode 7)

The Magic Bullet

air: 2009-08-23

Jane signifies a lady whose kid starts to acquire sick after following a diet pro Jillian Ford’s “EZ Thin Plan.” Meanwhile Grayson and also Teri arrived at Kim’s protection if she has pinpointed using a sexual harassment lawsuit with a previous helper.

Episode 8)


air day: 2009-08-30

Deb is up against Direction Jane’s senior school reunion and discovers her job suited on her if she’s to establish an individual’s sanity if she’s hired through an eccentric small business individual. Kim and Grayson disagree on what things to do if a jilted bridetobe would like to sue her maid’s honour later she detecting her fiancé is sleeping with heror her. Despite resistance from Parker, Jane enlists Kim to signify her if she first makes the decision to sue them. Parker places Grayson to an incident between his previous buddy whose kid eventually ends up to some Girls Gone Wild video clip.

Episode 10

Make Me per Match

air: 2009-09-20

Jane determines to simply help Judge Madeline Stone together with her lovelife and also eventually ends up having the game which ceremony she utilizes to get fraud.) Meanwhile Grayson and Kim are in a situation with dueling psychic partners that won’t talk from your family enterprise. Fred additionally leaves a sudden yield.

atmosphere evening: 2009-09-27

Jane happens about a scenario in which a female considers she had been changed at dawn but discovers she’s her personal “mommy issues” if she gets surprise trip from Jane’s mum. Meanwhile, Kim and Grayson should relaxed Parker’s nerves onto an scenario for a few of their nearest pals, once they comprehend Parker has never been at the court at quite a very long moment.

Episode 12

Dead Model Walking

air day: 2009-10-04

Jane is star-struck if she has to rescue Deb’s favourite fashion version in a fall with the legislation, however shortly finds her idol is at more problems than she ever thought. Grayson and Kim carry to a pro bono case by which a female will not offer her property into programmers as it retains a lot of memories of her deceased spouse. Asn’t been at the court in quite a lengthy moment. Jane ultimately gets your choice to proceed with her entire life and also just forget about Grayson if she finds he’s been dreaming of her. Jane additionally has a surprising visit in the person in the earlier whose unexpected look begs her to get a loop.

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