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The first episode of the Comedy, series Carmilla season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 2014-08-19 by YouTube. The TV show was created by and directed by Sheridan Le Fanu, Jordan Hall, Ellen Simpson. Actors in the cast include Elise Bauman, Natasha Negovanlis, Kaitlyn Alexander, Annie Briggs, Sharon Belle, Matt O'Connor, Aaron Chartrand. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1


air day: 2014-08-19

Episode 2


air day: 2014-08-19

Episode three

The Roommate

air day: 2014-08-19

Episode four

Freak OUT

air day: 2014-08-19

Episode 5


air day: 2014-08-19

Episode 6

Why Bother?

air day: 2014-08-19

Episode 7

Town Hall

air day: 2014-08-21

Episode eight

Pitsa i Thanato

air day: 2014-08-26

Episode 9

Nancy Drew

air day: 2014-08-28

Episode 10

The Real Betty

air day: 2014-09-02

Episode 11

A Visit From The Dean

air day: 2014-09-04

Episode 12


air day: 2014-09-09

Episode 13

I, Spy

air day: 2014-09-11

Episode 14

Research Trip

air day: 2014-09-16

Episode 15

My Roommate, The Vampire

air day: 2014-09-18

Episode 16

Best Laid Plans

air day: 2014-09-23

Episode 17

It’s A Trap

air day: 2014-09-25

Episode 18

While You Weren’t Watching

air day: 2014-09-30

Episode 19

Advanced Interrogation Techniques

air day: 2014-10-02

Episode 20

Sock Puppets and European History

air day: 2014-10-07

Episode 21

Strategic Planning

air day: 2014-10-09

Episode 22


air day: 2014-10-14

Episode 23

We Need To Talk About Carmilla

air day: 2014-10-16

Episode 24

Breaking Up (With An Amazon) Is Hard To Do

air day: 2014-10-21

Episode 25

Basic Parasitology

air day: 2014-10-23

Episode 26

The Standard Issue

air day: 2014-10-28

Episode 27

Required Reading

air day: 2014-10-30

Episode 28

Blame Enough For All

air day: 2014-11-04

Episode 29

PTSD & Brownies

air day: 2014-11-06

Episode 30

Monsters, Lies & Videotapes

air day: 2014-11-11

Episode 31

Of Hearts And Holy Hand Grenades

air day: 2014-11-13

Episode 32

Mommy Dearest

air day: 2014-11-18

Episode 33

Pep Rally

air day: 2014-11-20

Episode 34

Do Not Go Into The Light

air day: 2014-11-25

Episode 35

Heroic Vampire Bull****

air day: 2014-11-27

Episode 36

Life Goes On

air day: 2014-12-02

Episode 37

The Christmas Special

air day: 2014-12-24

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