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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Animation, series Brian Jacques' Redwall season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2002-04-14 by Public Broadcasting Service. The TV show was created by and directed by Nelvana. Actors in the cast include Jake Goldsbie, Melissa McIntyre, Ali Mukaddam, Alison Pill, Amos Crawley, Benedict Campbell, Catherine Disher, Chris Wiggins, Deborah Odell, Janet Wright, John Stocker, Michael Seater, Tim Curry, Sarah Gadon, Tracey Moore, Tyrone Savage. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1


air day: 2002-04-14

Martin, son of Luke the Warrior, is captured by the evil Badrang. Seasons later, when Martin will get in a battle with Hisk, considered one of Badrang’s horde, he’s tied to ropes on high of Marshank in a storm. Bandrang hopes the seagulls eat Martin the morning. But in the course of the evening, Laterose of Noonvale the mouse and her pal Grumm Trencher the mole hear Martin crying out within the storm. Laterose’s brother, Brome, is lacking. She calls out to Martin whether or not he has seen him. She tells Grumm that they need to assist the poor mouse, so utilizing slings, they beat back the seagulls within the morning. And they hope to free Martin, in some way…..

Episode 2

Return of the Clog

air day: 2002-04-21

As Martin and his new buddies languish in Marshank’s Prison Pit, Rose and her companion Grumm cover from Tramun Clogg’s advancing seaborne corsairs. Badrang and Clogg lastly meet, pretending to be the opposite’s pal, however they each quickly skirmish and Clogg retreats meaning to take Marshank from his rival. As Badrang posts additional guards the information reaches Martin. Rebellion is deliberate among the many slaves — however there’s a traitor of their midst — Druwp, a surly bankvole who plans to betray them to Badrang. Outside, Grumm conspires with Rose to tunnel to their rescue.

Druwp identifies the slave ringleaders. Meanwhile within the jail pit, Brome tells of his and Rose’s house — the idyllic area referred to as Noonvale. If his father the chief could be alerted, he will certainly rescue them. Grumm continues to dig onerous to complete the tunnel. Under the quilt of Clogg’s battle in opposition to Badrang, Grumm breaks into the Prison Pit and Martin, Brome and Felldoh escape — however have to depart the others behind.

Episode 3

Escape From Marshank

air day: 2002-04-28

Martin demonstrates he’s a born chief, and everyone sees it. Rose sees one thing else in Martin.

Episode four

New Partners and Old Friends

air day: 2002-05-12

Martin and buddies survive the storm, however turn out to be separated from Brome and Felldoh

Episode 5

The Play’s the Thing

air day: 2002-05-19

Martin and buddies proceed on towards Noonvale; Clogg plans to double-cross Badrang

Episode 6

Freedom and Monsters

air day: 2002-05-26

As the Mirdrop threatens to destroy Martin and buddies, Rose rushes the monster with a thick department

Episode 7

The Great Escapes

air day: 2002-06-16

Martin and his buddies are captured by Slo Worms and dragged into the lizard’s lair

Episode eight

From Marsh to Mountain Heights

air day: 2002-06-23

Martin tries to assist the warden, who’s below assault, then he and his buddies are attacked by the Gawtrybe

Episode 9

Heroes and Fools

air day: 2002-06-30

Brome and Felldoh try to get the slaves to security once they be taught Clogg and Badrang shaped a truce

Episode 10

Tunnel Vision

air day: 2002-07-07

The owl Boldred reveals Martin and buddies the way in which to Noonvale

Episode 11

Felldoh’s Revenge

air day: 2002-07-14

Rose leads Martin and his buddies to Noonvale and discover out that Brome has not made it again

Episode 12

Battlefield Marshank

air day: 2002-07-21

Just because the Fur and Freedom Fighters arrive, Felldoh dies; the battle rages till Badrang gives a deal

Episode 13

Rose of Noonvale

air day: 2002-07-28

Martin and Rose confess their love for one another earlier than tragedy strikes; Martin leads the troops to victory

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