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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, series Big Wolf on Campus season 1, 2, 3 was released in 1999-04-02 by YTV, ABC Family. The TV show was created by and directed by Peter Knight. Actors in the cast include Brandon Quinn, Danny Smith, Aimée Castle, Rachelle Lefevre, Richard Jutras. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1


air day: 1999-04-02

Tommy Dawkins was in the woods celebrating the start of his senior year, when he was attacked by a werewolf. He became a Werewolf and seeks help from a unpopular student, Merton J. Dingle.

Episode 2

The Bookmobile

air day: 1999-04-09

The Bookmobile rolls into town, and the librarian that runs this bookmobile strolls into cities, and turns patrons into books.

Episode 3

Butch Comes to Shove

air day: 1999-04-16

While watching a boring and old educational film for detention, Tommy and Merton discovers that the bully from the movie, Butch got bored of his world and would like to enter the real world to capture a girl and take her back to the film, and the girl that he wanted was Stacey Hanson.

Episode 4

Cat Woman

air day: 1999-04-30

A foreign exchange student named Carole enters Pleasantville High and Tommy decides to focus on her instead of Stacey but he does not know who to choose. Carole is a Cat Woman and she is jealous of Stacey and tries to destroy her.

Episode 5

Witch College

air day: 1999-05-07

Sorority Witches went looking for new members and they found Stacey. Stacey decides to join them while Merton starts a android screenplay, but Tommy finds out about the sorority group and tries to release Stacey from their club.

Episode 6

The Pleasantville Strangler

air day: 1999-05-14

When his ghost was freed from the bottom of a well, he goes hunting again. When he was alive, he was very famous for strangling people, but now he is dead, he is more powerful, searching for a man named Thomas Dawkins. This time he can switch bodies whenever his temporary body is touched, and he has to find Tommy Dawkins and kill him.

Episode 7

Stage Fright

air day: 1999-05-21

A cable man named Santini visits Pleasantville and finds some people who hooked up cable lines to get cable for free and would not stand for that so he transported those humans into television shows.

Episode 8

That Swamp Thing You Do

air day: 1999-05-28

25 years ago, a biology teacher falls into a swamp and he was transformed into a creature that resurfaces in the present time, but he still acts like when he was 25 years ago. His fiancé was about to marry Hugo, so Tommy, Merton and Stacey try to help out.

Episode 9

Muffy the Werewolf Slayer

air day: 1999-06-04

A new girl is in town, and Merton became friends with her. She was looking for a werewolf in the town and he thought Merton would know. Merton said he would not tell, but soon, her did and now he is in trouble because that girl was a werewolf slayer. While Merton was dealing with that problem, Tommy was searching to destroy a soulsucker who sucks souls as a door-to-door encyclopaedia salesman.

Episode 10

Stalk Like an Egyptian

air day: 1999-06-11

When Merton reads the Egyptian print on the tomb of Bud, he is released from death and uses a teenager disguise while in public to search for a queen, and destroy the world. Tommy and Merton realized that the mummy has arisen from the dead and is trying to make Stacey his queen.

Episode 11


air day: 1999-06-18

A lycanthrope expert named Flugelhoff visits Pleasantville to help cure Tommy. But Merton and Tommy did not realize that Flugelhoff was trying to take the werewolf DNA and other components to create an army of werewolves to take over the world.

Episode 12

Invisible Merton

air day: 1999-06-25

Merton’s old nemesis returns to his town, Alistair Black. He wants to take revenge on Merton by running for the Gothic Fantasy Guild, and surprisingly, he won and made Tommy his vice president. Merton did not know that at the election speeches, Alistair put a spell on Merton making him slowly invisible.

Episode 13

The Wolf Is Out There

air day: 1999-07-02

A mob along with Tim and Travis tries to track down the werewolf and kill it.

Episode 14

Interview with a Werewolf

air day: 1999-07-09

A florist sets Merton on a date with her nice, but he did not know they were both the same person who was trying to suck the life energy out of people like Merton, making him older and older until he dies.

Episode 15

Fangs for the Memories

air day: 1999-07-23

It’s blood giving time for the Blood Drive, and Tommy decides to give blood. A group of vampires are in Pleasantville and Tommy did not like it when they were crowding around Stacey and pressuring her, so he stepped in. Later, Tommy found out from Merton that if he donated his blood, he gave wolf blood, so they returned to the blood drive to obtain the bag of blood, but when they got there, they found some vampires. They have to find someway to stall the vampires so they can get another plan ready to destroy them.

Episode 16

Time and Again

air day: 1999-07-30

A man gives Merton a watch that can reverse time whenever he wants but he wants something in return…..His intelligence. As he continues to use the watch for any purposes, he loses information in his brain and he becomes dumber and dumber until he is like a baby.

Episode 17

Big Bad Wolf

air day: 1999-08-06

In an Indian chant given by Merton, Tommy releases his dark side, but he did not know that he was separated into two parts, light and dark. Now bad things from the dark Tommy are ruining Tommy’s life.

Episode 18

Scary Terri

air day: 1999-08-13

A shy girl ridiculed by classmates mistakes Tommy’s friendship for affection, and she gets angry and uses her telekinetic powers when she sees Tommy and Stacey together.

Episode 19

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

air day: 1999-08-20

A new substitute teacher is in the building, acting cool and everything, and Tommy finds out that this new guy, Mr. Dunleavy is a real werewolf And is THE wolf who bit Tommy. So Tommy hangs out with his ‘dad’ a lot. He ignored Merton’s guess on that Mr. Dunleavy is evil.

Episode 20

The Exor-Sis

air day: 1999-08-27

Merton was going to throw a party but no one would receive his invitations, plus Tommy and his buddies make fun of Merton, hurting his feelings. When Merton confronts him about it Tommy starts to ‘wolf out’ but Merton won’t help. But accepts Tommy’s help after a big announcement Tommy makes in the cafeteria. So Tommy helps him out on the appearance of theparty. Meanwhile, Merton’s sister is possessed by a demon from a locker under the school. Merton gets caught but doesn’t get in trouble because of 2 things. They were happy he was trying to fit in, and they get a hot tub.

Episode 21

Don’t Fear the Reaper

air day: 1999-09-03

No good deed goes unpunished, and when Tommy saved a man from Death, Death tries to take Tommy’s soul while Merton works on his movie version of “”Romeo and Juliet”” and sees if Tommy is good enough to be Romeo.

Episode 22

Game Over

air day: 1999-09-24

Tommy beats the record-breaking score on an arcade game, but they did not know what happened next, the game froze. When they left, Dirk Stryk’em is released from the arcade game and looks for Tommy Dawkins to destroy.

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