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The first episode of the Comedy, series Air Farce Live season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 was released in 2006-10-06 by CBC Television. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Craig Lauzon, Don Ferguson, Jessica Holmes, Luba Goy, Roger Abbott, Penelope Corrin, Alan Park. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode inch

October 6, 2006

atmosphere evening: 2006-10-06

The gang is back again to a second season of this Air Farce commencing Friday, October 6th in 8pm regional moment!)

Tie & Belinda; Liberal leadership race; Mel Gibson’s opinions; and much more!)

Episode two

October 13, 2006

air day: 2006-10-13

Kim Jong’s nuke rebuke; Maher Arar will get YouTubed; Blackberry Creator & Mario Lemieux possess a conversation breakdown; Rona Ambrose will get blocked around the surroundings.

Episode 3

October 20, 2006

air day: 2006-10-20

Liberal leadership applicant Michael Ignatieff responses Republicans’ issues. President Bush offers an speech regarding North Korea’s atomic assessments. A Liberal plus also a Conservative parody that the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” advertising. From the founders of Deadwood includes a brand new play, Softwood. 790 AM Almost News Radio does one newscast (nearly). Liberal/ /computer commercial Hint2. Farmers Ed and Flo lobby that the govt about petrol as well as other alternative resources of power. Space News stories over a exact awkward space channel issue. Liberal leadership applicant Bob Rae replies Republicans’ issues. Luba Goy discusses lounging within her backyard, but everybody has another definition of exactly what relaxing way. Liberal/ /computer commercial no1.

Episode 4)

October 27, 2006

air day: 2006-10-27

Peter MacKay apologizes to Belinda Stronach, or he strives to, form of. Craig Oliver’s 3-Way with Jack Layton, Daniel Cook along with also the Cheese Lady. Madonna celebrities at a brand new horror film, The Baby Snatcher. Chantal Hebert interviews an optional Stephen Harper. Liberal leadership applicant Ken Dryden replies Republicans’ issues. Japan sends Godzilla later Kim Jong-Il. Rona Ambrose sings concerning that Clean Air Act; she is truly the pioneer of their environmental bunch. Britney Spears accepts Kevin Federline job hunting. Conrad Black’s new picture, Amiel Antoinette. Liberal leadership applicant Gerard Kennedy replies Republicans’ issues.

Episode 5)

November 3, 2006

air day: 2006-11-03

Flaherty Income Trust

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty discusses income hope.

New sort of radio technologies.

Dave that the Cabbie speaks about Scott Brison, Mark Foley, North Korea, Canada Post refusal to send hatred email, finger Subway sandwich, Joe Volpe, St. Louis Cardinals, Kangaroo beef, infertility/cellphone, Wal-Mart, Buckingham Palace, California/ /Mexico boundary, sexual intercourse with puppy.)

CBC’s newest ratings struck – A People’s History of all Bingo.

Commentary on advertisements which individuals like to despise.

Yoga Guru goes via a jelqing weightlifting practice.

Stockwell Day presents Canada’s brand new “no-fly” record)

Matching upward MP’s by using his or her look-a-likes.

Some man sends revenge onto the telemarketer.

Stephen Harper likes the conveniences of some Holiday Inn.

Alan Park discusses about Belinda Stronach, Rona Ambrose, Kim Jong Il, and Mel Gibson.

A conversation of dependence turns out to worldwide warming.

Cop experiences the joys of the taser.

Liberal leadership Prospect Michael Ignatieff answers inquiries from Canadians

Episode 6)

November 10, 2006

air daytime: 2006-11-10

Donut Shop

Donut shopper discussion about Remembrance Day poppies, soldiers in Afghanistan/ /Sea King helicopters, KFC/ /Transfats, Danish cartoonist, Marmaduke, Bloc Quebecois at by election, adolescents java eating customs, Hubble telescope.

George Bush acknowledges the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld.

Cop brings within an blind motorist. Osamalot

A theatrical appearance at your entire life and examples of Osama bin Laden.

Alberta Agri Culture spokes unveils the Bowl Disrupter.

While in a cafe, Stephen Harper and spouse find same-sex union is the menu. Ask A Liberal: Dryden/ /Kennedy/ /Rae

Liberal leadership applicants Ken Dryden, Gerard Kennedy and Bob Rae reply queries from Canadians.

The FBI finds out almanacs the brand new risk to domestic protection.

Jean Charest moves brand new invoice to support together with Quebec’s obesity issue.

Teenage Website billionaires show their key for victory.

Gwynne Dyer discusses the jelqing up Canada/ /US border)

The Just Ice gavel grabs up with Rush Limbaugh later he creates primitive feedback about Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s illness.

New Digital station – Deja Jew.

An mad Ukrainian is angry with Liberal leadership applicant Michael Ignatieff.

Episode 7)

November 17, 2006

air day: 2006-11-17

Inside Sports: Grey Cup 2006

Vic Taber interviews CFL Goodwill Ambassador Cueball Carter concerning the Grey Cup.

Liberal leadership applicant Stephane Dion opinions about his own fellow leadership hopefuls retirement to present naked. Rumsfeld

New humor series about nothing whatsoever – “Rumsfeld”.

Don Newman and Bev Oda, John Baird and Melissa that the Fast Food Server discuss brand new rifle expenses/Snoop Dogg, syringe in ham, Jack Layton phone calls Stephen Harper per “chicken”, Norway most useful location to reside, Sundance Film festival, Stephen Harper at China.

Cop brings over girls he guesses to be beneath the effect of narcotics.

The Trans Fat Chef hamburgers a dish up which is to perish.

Larry King interviews Paul McCartney regarding his impending divorce.

Video consider Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein and North Korean ambassador.

Energy News workforce consider Canada’s armed forces devotion to Afghanistan, American midterm elections, ” Giller Prize, world Mercury moves from the Sun, Don Cherry booed at Parliament, Ontario Lottery and also Gaming introduces demanding new safety stepand cigarette packs.

Action News exposes Ralph Klein along with also his “boner” remark)

The Bush twins support their daddy manage the midterm election benefits.

Episode 8)

November 24, 2006

air day: 2006-11-24

B C Weather Disaster

Peter Mansbridge explores the injury rainstorms are inducing in British Columbia.

George Stroumboulopoulos talks with Liberal Leadership applicant Martha Hall Findlay. Flaherty

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty talks about Stephen Harper’s gag buy. I-pod Envy

While at a gymnasium some man experiences I pod envy.

Justice Minister Vic Toews seems to be in distinct gun offense styles in every one of the 10 states.

Newly appointed Speaker of this House of all Representatives Nancy Pelosi summarizes her schedule.

Newsworld anchor speaks to Marcia Clarke roughly OJ’s fresh novel.

Cop brings within a ski diver.

Rona Ambrose takes her “Fossil of the Day” award)

Dave that the Cabbie speaks about Playstation Three, rampant beavers in University of Waterloo, Mick Jagger’s father expires, General at Africa, U.S. lifts ban on silicone implants, female sues as perhaps not permitted to breast feeding on aircraft.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes observe their honey moon at Italy.

Stephen Harper creates his most recent entry in his own blog.

Episode 9

December 1, 1 2006

air evening: 2006-12-01

Donut Shop

Donut store gang conversation Quebec like a Nation, Bloc Quebecois, additional “Nations” inside of Canada, Ralph Klein, picture about homosexual baseball participant.

Professor Ramona Ick investigates a bone in the 38 million year-old Neanderthal guy)

Everything that a Russian spy should live in Canada.

Stephen Harper and George Bush and Tony Blair fit in the NATO Summit 2006.

Scotland Yard interrupts a brand fresh composite drawing of Jack that the Ripper.

The brand new $5 invoice comprises anti-counterfiting steps.

Report around the Pope’s summit around this issue of celibacy for priests.

New movie starring Martha Stewart along with also her daughter Alexis. Liberal Leadership Idol

Ben Mulroney sponsor Liberal Leadership Idol with Stephane Dion, Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae. Hebert & Fraser

Auditor General Sheila Frasier releases her yearly study on this Federal Government investing customs. Castro Not Dead Yet

Check out the shaky terms in Cuba.

Episode 10

December 8, 2006

air day: 2006-12-08

Newman Liberal Interview

Don Newman talks with Stephane Dion. Rod Black / Michael Jackson

Rod Black speaks to Michael Jackson regarding his physical appearance to the World Music Award. PM Antiques Animation

Items from preceding Prime Ministers are positioned in the market block. Email Brothers Christmas

The e bay Brothers peddle their Christmas product) Holmes for its Holidays

Jessica along with also her husband share the method by which they intend to observe Christmas together with their brand new child. The Robertson Factor

Lloyd Robertson, and Margaret Atwood and Michael Ignatieff speak about resignation of Guilliano Zaccardelli, closing of Status of Women Colin Thatcher, Garth Turner, fresh Alberta initial – Ed Stelmach, Pam Anderson divorce, Russian spy/polonium, Vladimir Putin, Michael Richards, Spam mails. Coronation Street Christmas

Promo for fresh Coronation Street Christmas specific. Extended Warranties

Wilbert the pushy television sales man will not letup on his client till they accept find the protracted guarantee. Growing Investment Op

A group of girls get ready for his or her long run by simply buying bud grow-ops. New CBC Promo

In an attempt to draw more audiences CBC is develop a brand new coupon using a George Stroumboulopoulos really feel. Santa Rap

Santa takes a rap video clip to support upgrade his picture.

Episode 11

December 31, 2006

air evening: 2006-12-31

Join us to the annual only hour New Year’s Eve Special: 2006 Year of those Farce with special company George Stroumboulopoulos, Evan Solomon and also Gill Deacon. On the series: Chicken Cannon Target of this Year; In Clement Health with Tony Clement; Driving with Alan Park; Stephen Harper’s New Year’s Relationships; plus a whole lot more!)

Episode 12

January 12, 2007

air evening: 2007-01-12

Peter Mansbridge interviews with the sextuplets in British Columbia. Gill Deacon interviews Environment Minister John Baird. Ad for its brand new movie The Good German Shepherd. Murhpy’s Law with Rex Murphy. Myriam Bedard commences a fresh US Adventure Tour (daughter perhaps not contained). Dealing with airport stability. Great Canadian creations. Ad Absurdum. Driving with Alan Park. Liquidation Larry’s Calendar Clear-Out sale. Craig Oliver’s Three-Way with Jack Layton, Bev Ota and Wajid Khan.

Episode 13

January 19, 2007

air evening: 2007-01-19

Ottawa Heat together with Stephen Harper and also Stephane Dion. CBC understands a mosque make-over following the achievement of “Little Mosque On The Prairie.” Nancy Grace discusses Iraq with Nancy Pelosi. Medical Update to the chicken influenza) Labatt’s promotes its fresh perfume. Jay Ingram speaks to your climatologist. Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump are blamed for ecological difficulties. Dyer Report with Gwynne Dyer. Miss Potter: The Sequel. Canada AM with Jeff Hutcheson, who interviews Paula Abdul and Danny DeVito. Dave The Cabbie. A risky spiritual billboard. Positively Precise with Andrew Raymond Stickler.

Episode 14

January 26, 2007

air evening: 2007-01-26

Travel ad for “beautiful and dangerous Mexico.” Wajid Khan’s Middle East report, qualified “Khan Job.” Dubya discusses stability and clarifies just how to identify an Canadian in the boundary. Sneak Record of this NHL’s new form-fitting uniforms. News from Away with Jimmy and Seamus O’Toole. Kyle and Wendy possess an enchanting dinner in Hooters. Linda Sims discusses enormous buy-outs to get CEOs. The newest boardgame is now that the Parliamentary Blame Game.

Episode 15

February 2, 2 2007

air day: 2007-02-02

Parliament aids; John Baird aids Amongst different people’ addresses. Stephane Dion will get assaulted from video adverts. A girl in a cafe speaks concerning rodents and Groundhog Day. A Canadian Moment. Colleen Jones studies over the coming Super Bowl. World Watch accounts on Jack Layton. Stephane Dion will get assaulted again. Air Farce Fa-Q with Gordon Lightfoot’s musical accompaniment. Yet just another assault on Stephane Dion. CTV News with Sandi Renaldo. An cartoon termed Conservative Fighter, comprising Jack Layton. Driving with Alan Park. Ad for your own Party Swingers – really sensual. Ad for its brand new IPhone.

Episode 16

February 9, 2007

air: 2007-02-09

Stephen Harper performs on his site. Hillary Clinton attempts for the presidency and Bill assists. Newman News with Don “Blah Blah Blah” Newman. Critic in Large with Gilbert Smythe-Bite Me. The dangers of Breathalyzers which n’t get the job done. Bridezilla uncovered. Bill Gates starts Windows Vista. FarOndesire with Michael Buble along with also the Cheese Lady. Jack Layton cares regarding ATM assistance charges also satisfies a exact user-unfriendly ATM. A female speaks about that which women do not prefer to buy for Valentine’s Day.

Episode 17

February 16, 2007

air evening: 2007-02-16

The Royal Canadian Mint introduces fresh right-wing board matches; the very foremost thing is House of all Commons Chess. Astronaut Lisa Nowak has a fresh revival price. The Confused Philosopher. The National with Peter Mansbridge in a piano. An individual in accordance with the financial institution can not eliminate annoying folks on cellular telephones. A police officer pulls a man over for observing a movie and eating pop corn when forcing. Stephane Dion welcomes turn-coat MP Garth Turner into the Liberal get together. ING Bank animation) Some man requires a intervention later becoming hooked into his yard ice rink. The struck television series “House” has a brand new spin off termed “House, MP.” Gilbert Smythe-Bite Me discusses the Oscar nominees for Best Actress. Driving with Alan Park.

Episode 18

February 23, 2007

air evening: 2007-02-23

Critic in big; Gilbert Smythe-Bite Me talks concerning the Oscar nominees to get Best Picture. Bloomberg Hughes presents the Christian Debt Trust Company. Health Minister Tony Clement would go into the fitness center. Hockey participant Doug Bradford pictures a voucher to get a tv channel, however he can not stay glued into this script also he also generally seems to believe he is Sidney Crosby. Kevin Newman talks concerning global heating with Stephen Harper’s helper) The new million-dollar coin along with which Canadian millionaire may be onto it. Office employee Jenkins has a fresh Easy Button. Mike Duffy Live together with the pioneer of this Green Party. Television’s suspenseful drama “Psychic Emergency Doctor Cops.” All roughly Tritium. A female picks her up Employment Insurance and speaks about her varied fears.

Episode 19

March 2, 2 2007

air day: 2007-03-02

Newly-hairless Britney Spears can not decide if to keep in rehabilitation or see. Politics with Don “Blah Blah Blah” Newman, who speaks into Justin Trudeau. Al Gore confronts a astronomically in the Oscars. Feng Shui with Master Irene. Dave that the Cabbie speaks about James Cameron, the coming Quebec election, also ” the Canada Winter Games, Stephen Harper’s apologies, Fox’s brand new game series, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and also Anna Nicole Smith’s infant. Health issues at Coffee Time Donuts. Ad Absurdum. Sister Bessie speaks regarding the environmental surroundings. News around the Hour with Kevin Strumpel, who speaks into Prince Harry.

Episode 20

March 9, 2007

air: 2007-03-09

Jeff Foxworthy’s brand new game series, Are You Smarter Than A Cat?) A major petroleum provider Start-S some flames in refineries due to the fact that they desire extra cash. Nancy Grace speaks to George W. Bush along with also his spouse Laura. Even a line up to spot exactly the Picasso burglar) David Suzuki recaps that his most recent journey and introduces his own fresh match, Suzoku. Even a Canadian Moment in the donut store) The CIA explores new JFK motorcade footage. Jay Ingram speaks to Ramona Ick concerning the diminishing honey bee populace. The Cuban news-reports that Fidel Castro is sense perhaps not useless recently. Air Farce Fa-Q. Jack Layton retains a media meeting.

Episode 21

March 16, 2007

air evening: 2007-03-16

An desperate material in your Canada Revenue Agency in their latest monitor glitches. Tonight on Jeopardy! , it is the loony world frontrunners variant with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-Il. Liberal vs computer business. Jim Flaherty speaks to Chantal Hebert concerning the up coming fiscal budget. Liquidation Larry’s St. Patrick’s Day clear-out sale. Craig Oliver’s Three-Way with Bev Ota, nude Bob Rae and Sleep Country’s Christine McGee. Alan Park speaks about Conservative Accountability Credibility Deficit Disorder. Stephen Harper makes use of his MySpace webpage to get personality assassinations. Don Ferguson speaks about Hollywood fur pictures. Another Liberal vs computer business.

Episode 22

March 30, 2007

air evening: 2007-03-30

Special reside episode.

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