Oh no! This isn't what you were expecting.

The domain registration for cityoftompkinsville.com had expired.

After we realized that this domain was posted across various sites...

...we realized that our town's web presence was lacking.

Unfortunately, the Monroe County, KY Tourism website is also in poor condition. While it contains a fair amount of content there are pages such as this one which still has "lipsum" (filler content) in place.

Shortly after we decided to dedicate time, effort, and funding to improving Tompkinsville's presence online. Tompkinsville is a fantastic town, but we're not putting our best face forward online. Our team of volunteer residents is working to give a more positive and complete view to those looking for information on our town, its history, and our local attractions.

We're social!

Want to follow the development process, or share Tompkinsville with a larger audience? Check us out at the links below. We'd love to see any photos of Tompkinsville, Monroe County, and especially anything from the Watermelon Festival or other local events.

A Note from the Team

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Rest assured, that the mission of this project is to ensure that future searches for information on our city will be met swiftly and accurately. Also, if we haven't been perfectly clear, this is a community project - not one officially sanctioned by the city.